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Could Self-Betrayal Be a Trauma Response?

When you feel feelings & do not express yourself you are teaching your body and heart it doesn’t matter, you are telling your intuition/worth to you don’t trust it and you are treating your inner child like she is invisible. And, if you were the nice girl, the adaptable partner, the easy going friend or the coworker everyone loves, you are probably a PRO and minimizing how you feel for the sake of others- especially your anger. Anger is a normal emotion. Not negative, not scary, not bad, not wrong... However, if you were traumatized by someone else’s anger, if you were traumatized by continually being shut down when you were angry as a child...anger doesn’t feel safe. Familiar = safe. If yo

Music for Release and Letting GO

If you're struggling with a release, with letting go, with anxiety this is the playlist for you. Surrender into the music. Let your body listen. Let your body respond. Let your body exhale...