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The Power Of Choice

When we are children, we have no choice but to listen to our parents, go where they want to go, eat what they want to get it. You can rebel all you want but ultimately you don’t have a choice- we listen to our parents. The funny thing is, sometimes we forget that we take this same mentality into adulthood... “My boss is making me go to this retreat...If I don’t go to this event my friends will be mad...I have to stay living in this dump of a place because the city is to expensive...” you name it- we emphasize the lack of choice. The irony of it all, is when we feel stuck, we perpetuate powerlessness, and yet, every single day we forget we are making a CHOICE. No choice is a c

What To Do When Self-Care Starts To Feel Like a Chore

If self-care feels like a chore, STOP. Self-care should not feel like another “have-to”, get you talking in “shoulds” or make yo feel pressure or guilt for not doing it. Now, I hear the self-care gurus (me included in this) saying “What the?! I thought self-care requires discipline, routine and consistency?!” To that, I want to say, “Yes, and...” **If you don’t get energized, uplifted, inspired by your self-care it’s no longer self-care it’s actually self-betrayal 😬 **If control, structure and regimented routine is a trauma response, stop forcing self-care and make a conscious choice to go with the flow 🌊 **If you feel guilt, shame, or pressure for NOT doing self-care, just pause an