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An individualized coaching experience that will guide you in finding your voice and your truth, while empowering you to listen to your body in order to truly feel self-love. This world needs your magic and your soul mate is waiting for you,  
are you ready to shine?

One-On-One Relationships & Femininity Coaching 

Hi Lovely,

Are you ready for more? More joy?  To feel more love every day? More confident? More connected to your own inner guidance?  All of this starts with a journey back to yourself, that place where your soul remembers who you're truly meant to be and this is precisely what I guide my clients in aligning with. Through a blend of modalities that include Human Design, intuitive work, and my background in therapy you will be supported in uncovering what is keeping you small and releasing your "shoulds" so that you may genuinely experience self-love and feel ready to relax into true love. You will learn to create internal safety, balance your masculine and feminine energetics, and honour your desires while stepping into your dream life. In this 4-month coaching program, we will outline a road map of healing, releasing, and somatic work to get you to your goals and support you in your unique alignment. 

Ultimately, I will always I curate an individualized program for you where we can explore anything from healing your relationships, creating more abundance, finding your soul purpose, attracting your soul mate, awakening to your spiritual gifts, learning how to communicate and much more. This is YOUR journey back to YOURSELF, and I'm here to guide you back home to your heart, your soul, and your unique gifts in this world

Are you ready to step into your magic?

Have you ever noticed how cookie-cutter most of the coaching industry is?

Do you get told to work the way your coach works rather than encouraged to find what works for you?


This has happened to me many times and I felt defeated when I didn't get the success they had. This is why it's been my personal mission to uncover my unique voice and my authentic truth and live according to my energy and mine alone! I will never force you to be anyone but yourself. This is also why I love integrating Human Design with your intuitive coaching experience. Human Design is one path to truly understanding your soul's essence and purpose. 

You are not coming to see me, you are coming to see yourself. I hold a container of unconditional love and belief in you while you learn to remember who you truly are. I help you step into an understanding of what is valuable, meaningful and sacred to you while offering you new perspectives and strategies to start living in divine alignment. 

This world needs your magic, let's step into the realm of possibility together and curate a life of love, magic and wonder! You are so worth this one-on-one care, devotion and attention.

What Clients Are Saying

Is This For You?

If you desire to uncover what's going on inside to deepen your self-discovery and are ready to learn to integrate techniques that help you feel grounded while you grow into new behaviours that support your choice in taking the leap toward your goals this program was designed with you in mind.

While we may work together for 4 months, what you shift and learn during this time together will extend far beyond that. You will leave feeling empowered, grounded, and with practical steps to deep life changes that ripple forward towards the reality you want to create. 


If there is a nudge somewhere inside of you, saying “yes” to all of this, even if fear is present, this is for you. 

Here is a sample of what you can expect...It's JUICY!


We will meet regularly for 4 months and get to know each other on this intuitive journey of personal growth. This work is sacred, intentional, and powerful. First, we will discuss any past history that could influence your future goals while setting the intention for this 4-month container together. Based on your desires and intentions we will create a program that uniquely meets your needs. The example below lists a sample journey you may want to start. Don't worry, if you don't fit in this box you can add more sessions, focus on one area, explore many different areas or talk about what is in the way right now. This time is for YOU.


Session 1: Intake Session. Reviewing History & Past (90 min)

Session 2: Goal & intention setting

Session 3: Human Design reading (75 min)

Session 4: Revisit goals in tandem with their Human Design. Focus on → relationships, purpose, childhood or self-worth

Session 5: Inner child healing, re-parenting and deconditioning →re-commitmnet to self

Session 6: Belief unlocking - release blocks

Session 7: Checking in with masculine & feminine in body 

Session 8: Somatic release and/or energy clearing

Session 9: Learn to embody your design & future self

Session 10: Expand your energy & nervous system to receive your desires

Session 11: Energy clearing + intuitive guidance

Bonus: Voxer support in between sessions - You get me in your back pocket to check in anytime you need encouragement

between sessions!

+20% off any events or group coaching while in a package.

+Option to add on 1 extra month of support or sign up for 8 months

*Order and specific sessions are subject to change based on the client's individualized needs


Your Investment

4-month program for $3600.

*Payment plans are available.

FREE 45 min Discovery Call for all new Inquiries.

Are you in a relationship and want couple's support?

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