“The time for you is right now. Take this first step in reconnecting with your needs, your desires and your emotions. Are you ready to feel empowered in all areas of your life?" 


If you aren't sure if Coaching or Counselling is right for you, contact Rachele for your FREE 20 min consultation!


These sessions start with you sharing some of the goals you have and things you'd like to see a change in your life. I'll help you untangle your thoughts and laser your focus so we can achieve multiple successes in our time together. 



Within a package of coaching you can expect:

-to feel seen and heard

-to uncover some of your strengths and unique gifts

-to feel empowered with new skills 

-to recognize what inspires and motivates you 

-to learn various communication skills 

-to know wholeheartedly how you'd like your future to look and discover how to make it happen




One-on-one sessions in Vancouver, BC and online worldwide.


Our time together in counselling starts with you sharing anything that is going on for you. I will hold space for any emotion that comes up. Together we can gently open doors to your past to better understand who you've become over the years. 


Within a session you can expect:

-to feel safe to express any emotion or thought

-to uncover a new perspective on life

-to reconnect with your thoughts, emotions, physical body and spiritual self

-to be empowered with new skills

-to learn communication skills that help you express your boundaries, needs, and feelings 

-to identify where your beliefs came from and if they no longer serve you, to let them go



One-on-one sessions in Vancouver, BC and online worldwide.



If you experience a variety of symptoms such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain or chronic fatigue you may be an HSP, Intuitive, or Empath. This specialized time together we will dive deep into what is going on behind some of these physical manifestations to find where you fit in your world. I FEEL your heart and I am here for you. Let's get you embracing your gifts. 



Within a session you can expect:

-to have safe space held for you to express anything on your heart- go as big and as esoteric as you like

-to experience an open-minded, grounded, gentle response to whatever arises

-to learn a variety of coping skills and techniques designed specifically for your needs

-to gain an understanding of what makes you unique, while learning to work WITH these gifts 

-to uncover what your needs are and how to express them in a safe way

-to tap into what is going on in your body, and how to feel empowered within yourself




One-on-one sessions available in Vancouver BC, or online worldwide



I believe that each one of us has thoughts (our mental patterns), emotions (what our heart feels), physical sensations (body pain and responses) and our spiritual self (beliefs and purpose, the bigger meaning in life).


When one or more of these areas feel off, this is often when we seek out help. I specialize in integrating all these areas in my coaching and counselling practice so that you feel like you leave being a WHOLE human again!