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Learn the art of feminine expression in order to reawaken the HEART of the men in your life.

heART of The Masculine

A 6-week women's group program to help you shift from being the naggy partner who has to do cocreating a genuine partnership that is happy, supportive and JUICY AF! 

Program begins on March 8 at 5:30 pm PST. Early bird pricing is available until Feb 24, 2023

Pssst...thats a savings of over $1100 if you worked with me privatly for 6 weeks!😧

What if you could learn the art of heart-centred communication with your man?

The art of evoking his masculine energy... ( no more wishy-washy guys!)


The art of expressing your needs and desires without being needy... ( he listens and you feel seen.)


The art of maintaining attraction from the masculine... ( keep the spark alive for both of you!)

The art of receiving support from the masculine... ( safely be in your feminine while making him feel more like a man.)

The art of trusting him when he takes space... ( know what his behaviours mean and learn how to help him open up to you.)

The art of true bonding that encourages commitment and devotion... ( no more uninvested, confused men.)

If you're exhausted, frustrated and tired of doing everything in your relationship and are ready to learn HOW to receive support and HOW to get through to your partner- you've found the right place!

Empowered feminine energy knows what she wants and does not settle for less. She confidently says yes or no. She invites her masculine partner to step up by trusting him and respecting his process all while trusting herself enough to express her desires. 



Who heArt of The Masculine For?

Okay, we've all been here...

He is a good person. You love him AND you see his potential. Yet there are those moments in your relationship where you wish he would hear your request and willingly meet your needs without having to ask over and over. You want him to take out the garbage, but he forgets. You want him to text you when he's out, but he forgets. Eventually, you stop asking and slowly start resenting him while trying your best to see the good in him. 

Or maybe this sounds more like you...

You are a powerful woman. You know how to take care of life. You're constantly planning meals, preparing the home for the kids, you're working and simply getting shit done. But you're frustrated that your partner doesn't see you and the hard work you do. Why does he get to chill and watch the football game while you take care of the kids? Why do you have to constantly ask him for help? You so desperately want to be met by your equal in your partnership but sometimes you're just fed up! Your sex life is boring, your intimate moments are few and far between and you can't remember the last time you yourself felt sexy.


OR what about this...

You're connecting with someone new and he seems wonderful so you start to catch feelings. Your heart flutters when you see him and you start to realize you're worried about losing him, so you stop expressing your needs, you don't set that boundary or you don't ask for clarification from that text message because you're worried you're going to be "too much" or be "too needy" and then 6 months go by and you wonder why you feel like you're burnt out feeling like you've lost yourself in

your relationship...

If ANY piece of these scenarios sounds like you, I hear you.

I created heART of The Masculine  FOR YOU. 

So that you can positively transform your relationship with all the men in your life, forever!


And lovely, if none of this sounds like you but you want to deepen your connection with the masculine and learn to communicate in reciprocal and heart-centred ways,  heART of The Masculine is for you too!


heART of The Masculine starts on March 8, 2023, and is held weekly at 5:30 pm PST. If you are unable to attend live there will be a recording sent out within 24hrs. Each class ranges from 1hr to 90 min with a mix of teaching, group coaching and embodiment practices. Telegram support and connection is included in this group program.

Week 1: The Foundations of Masculine & Feminine Energy 

Learn how to reconnect with the essence of your unique alignment and understand the different 

components of masculine and feminine dynamics


Week 2: Understanding The 2 Core Wounds of the Feminine & Masculine

Uncover your attachment style and how to cope with triggers in ALL your relationships


Week 3: Release and Unblock Your Limitations Towards The Masculine

With EFT you will recalibrate your nervous system to safety with men


Week 4: What He Wants/ What She Wants & The Power of Pause

Walk through conflict with ease and learn how to talk through challenging times


Week 5: How to Flirt & Talk to Your Man to Get Results

Embody the power of feminine seduction to both get your needs met

Week 6: Turn Resentment Into Appreciation For Lasting Love

This technique is the secret to your happiness in your partnership

Please note that Rachele holds the right to modify and change this content based on the needs of the group that attends live. Rachele works intuitively and curates her programs for the uniqueness of this specific container. 

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What’s in it for you?


A happy healthy masculine means you can relax into your feminine, rebuild trust and get your needs met. When you are happy he is satisfied. When he is satisfied he wants to keep it that way so he will do what he can to continue to make sure you’re happy, so long as you continue to appreciate him and express your gratitude. This is the beauty of a reciprocal relationship that anyone can have once they learn how powerful your feminine energy truly is.


Alicia B, Canada

Rachele creats a space for women to feel heard, empowered and uplifted. She encouraged our group to feel our emotions openly, prided us on our diligence to our own self-discovery and educated us on new ways of connecting to ourselves. Rachele is a passionate coach and facilitated a group where I felt comfortable sharing my vulnerabilities and desires and had the space to explore all aspects of these emotions. I am lucky to have had the privilege to be a part of such a powerful experience with Rachele as our coach and facilitator.

What You Can Expect

Greek Ancient Sculpture of Warrior

Learn how to shift your energy into appreciation and respect towards your partner without mothering him or

losing polarity.

Learn how to provoke his masculine in the most flirtatious and fun way for you!

Learn how to express your truth and speak his language without pushing him away or worrying you're too needy

Learn how to release blocks you have towards feeling safe with masculine energy so that you feel confident in your relationship.

Who Is Your Host?

As a former Trauma-Informed Therapist turned Relationship & Feminnity Coach I am passionate about helping women and couples find their unique alignment to create happy, healthy, heart-centred connections. 

Once I learned to embody my feminine energy I was able to feel safe to heal my relationship with the masculine in my life. Soon thereafter I attracted a partner who is able to not only meet my needs, but go above and beyond to help me feel taken care of, cherished, and truly safe to be seen. I've also learned ways to support and empower him in the most loving feminine way while still staying in my own personal power. I am excited to help you understand the magic that I've gleaned over the years!

Join me today in heART of The Masculine today to help you understand and awaken the men in your life.

Hi, I'm Rachele (pronounced Ra-Shell)


What if I can't make it live? Will this program be recorded?

Yes, recordings will be sent out within 24hrs of recording and you can participate in the Telegram group anytime to feel connected to the group. I do highly suggest aiming to make it live, as there is always something quite magical about attending in real time- plus I always leave space for questions to be answered on the live calls.

What if I am single and not looking for a partner will this benefit me?

This program speaks to women in relationships with men. However, of course, there can be huge benefits. You will learn a lot about yourself while also feeling prepared and set up for when you do decide you want to date. We all have men in our lives and this could benefit you in understanding your father, uncle, brother etc...

Will this keep my marriage together or heal my relationship issues?

This program is not a replacement for therapy. In fact, I often suggest that you are in therapy so that you have a safe space to process your triggers. If you are looking for the answers to ALL your problems this isn't the program for you. Will it help you and provide you with some practical tools and support? 100%. And I want to be realistic with you. I do not know the depth of the issues in all relationships but I can help you realize what is or isn't working for you and support you in healing some of the ways you relate to and communicate with men.

No matter how long-term your relationship is, I believe if one person is willing to change and grow both will feel the impact. If both are open-minded and willing to grow and learn together, even better!

Can my partner and I take this program together?

To put it plainly, no. This is for women to process and feel comfortable only. It is highly suggested that you create a safe space for yourself to absorb the content and receive support. I would not suggest being near your partner but having privacy for your own process. If you want to ask your partner or clarify any components you are welcome to share what you've learned.


I am in a Queer relationship, will this be inclusive to me?

I will be focusing on the issues between men and women, however, there will be content for you to take away from this, so long as that language isn't triggering for you. I personally believe that we all have masculine and feminine energies with us, no matter your sexual preferences and have worked one-on-one with many queer couples. If you would like to talk further to see if this is right for you please email me:

Is there anyone you wouldn't suggest taking heART of The Masculine?

All I ask is that you come with an open mind willing to open your heart. You will go as deep as you feel comfortable going and will never ask you to do anything you aren't comfortable with. I do want to be clear that this isn't going to teach you how to manipulate or have power over men, but if you use these strategies correctly help you and your partner feel like equals. 


What makes this different than any other courses out there right now?

As a former therapist turned relationship & feminity coach I understand trauma, attachment theory, EFT, CBT, the nervous system and many other tools that will be taught to you during this time together. You will also be incited into a private Telegram (app for voice memos & texting) for connection in between weeks. My goal is always to create a safe container for you to show up and shine while learning more and more about yourself. 

Still not sure if this program is right for you? Got Questions?

Please reach out to me directly. I would love to book a 20 min Zoom call with you to discuss any concerns you may have!


This is YOUR TIME to prioritize YOU.

Please note that the capacity of this group is limited, so it is essential you register early. Cut off for the Early Bird Pricing is Feb 24, 2023 

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