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Lead With Love

A women's mini-program that will transform the dynamics of your relationship through emotional release & empowered feminine communication.

September 23 at 12pm PST

When a woman is connected to her femininity and clearly expresses what she desires from her partner, it inspires him to want to step into his healthy masculine.

If you aren't getting what you want in your relationship, it could be one of two things: you aren't communicating in a way for him to hear you, OR you're asking, but he isn't capable of being the man to meet your needs. Either way, you're left in a pattern of frustration and burnout.

Knowing the type of man that is relationship material, alongside learning how to express yourself to get him to step up, is the key to your satisfaction with a life partner.

This is why I created Lead With Love- to teach you HOW to get your needs met, HOW to recognize healthy masculine, HOW to let go of your past triggers and so much more!

If you're ready to make courageous changes in your relationship (or future relationships) and feel a HELL YES about stepping into your empowered feminine energy, this mini-program is for you.

Do you have a deep inner knowing that you are a change-maker in this world and feel inspired to bring in a healthy masculine king? Then, it's time to step up and learn to lead with love today!


During this (roughly) 3-hour Mini-Program, you will receive the tools and strategies to provoke him to take the lead and understand the importance of how you communicate from your feminine heart while learning to lean back, let go of the reins and let yourself be treated like a Queen.

What's included:

  • A minimum of 2.5 hours of teaching on masculine and feminine energetics, specific communication tools so that you feel empowered in your partnership, and 30 min live Q&A to have your specific questions answered (recording will be sent out within 48 hours)

  • One week of additional group support via Telegram (voice and text app) to practice and integrate the strategies you've learned- Plus bonus tips shared with you during the week.

  • A live 1 hr check-in call one week after you've practiced what you've learned to leave space for any questions.

  • Bonus Add-On: One 40-minute coaching session with Rachele. Spaces are limited to 5 spots and are to be booked before October 13, 2023. The booking link will be sent out once purchased. Please register for the program AND the coaching with the separate links.

Release Your Past Pain and Transform Your Relationship With Yourself and The Masculine in One Afternoon!!

During Lead With Love, You Will Understand:


Who Is Your Host

Rachele Kehler is a Trauma-Informed Relationship and Femininity Coach who supports Self-Growth Girlies™ in finding love and feeling secure in ALL relationships. She has been working with women and couples for over 7 years and supports them in understanding their nervous system, how to process emotions, masculine and feminine polarity, Human Design, and communication skills and empowers them to step into energetic, heart-centred alignment.

Rachele has been through many of life's major traumas such as divorce, eviction, lay-offs, car accidents, death in the family, death of an ex and much more...through these hard times she learned to find her strength, her power and her voice again and this is why she is so passionate about empowering to women rekindle their relationship, first and foremost, with themselves so that they trust their intuition and can pick relationships that are in alignment for the Queen they truly are!


Why is this a mini-program and not just a webinar or workshop?

This is a mini-program because it was important to me to provide additional support to integrate the information on Telegram. I want to leave some space for you to feel you can process and practice what you've learned while being able to ask me questions and hear from the other women in this group.

Is Lead With Love only for women in relationships?

The content you will learn here will help you if you are in a relationship but will also support you in knowing yourself to prepare for your healthy masculine! It is super valuable to take this into the dating world to attract the type of masculine you've been looking for! To be able to determine if he is relationship material is key.  

Is Lead With Love only for straight relationships?

This content is targeted to understand masculine and feminine energy. I believe all couples create their unique polarity, sexuality aside. I have supported many queer couples on this subject. However, during this program, I will use the dynamics between men and women as examples, as this is my experience. If you can relate to and modify the teachings based on your relationship without being triggered by traditional male-to-female language, you are more than welcome to join!

What is the benefit of adding the 40 min coaching bonus, and when can I book?

The bonus coaching is available for five women who want individualized support with unique concerns. Within 40 minutes, I can answer your questions while providing customized strategies to support you and your relationship. Coaching is solution-focused and empowering based, and if you want to expand on your knowledge of this subject and experience a coaching session with me, this is for you! If this is calling to you, please make sure to register for the program AND this bonus coaching. They are separate links!!

What are the details?

Once you register, you will be sent a Zoom link to join Lead With Love on Sept 23 at 12:00 PST and your link to our Telegram group. You are highly encouraged to attend live so I can answer your questions. If you cannot participate live, the recording will be sent out within 48hrs.

Our Telegram group will be open for questions and support until September 30 and is meant to be a space for you to practice the teaching and ask questions about the teaching. It is not a space for coaching.

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