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Moon Mastermind

Shift your vibration to match your reality with the supportive container of a group mastermind.
Sign Up Closes July 12, 2022

Where do you see yourself in 3 months?

July 13: Capricorn Full Moon

Tap into your success codes with this powerful full moon in Capricorn. Together we will uncover any blocks, release them & celebrate your goals.

July 28 Leo New Moon

Leo loves to shine. It's time to claim your radiance with this new moon and trust the magnetic power of your energy. We will get laser-focused on how you can feel safe to show up and SHINE!

August 12 Aquarius Full Moon

Aquarius is a revolutionary genius. What do you need to shake up in your world to stay don't track with your goals? What do you need to burn down and let go of in order to share your truth? 

August 26 Virgo New Moon

With the grounded and sensitive energy of Virgo, we will look at all the details of your goals and set you up for success. This is a powerful portal to get into all the specifics of your heart's desire.

Moon Mastermind

Are you ready to feel the collective power of group manifestation, support, and co-creation? This mastermind group will connect you to your goals while building community and basking in the power of moon phases together. Are you ready to create the BEST summer of your life with powerful energetic manifestation tools that are also connected to your Human Design? Join now! Doors close on July 12th.

"Fill your life with women who empower you, who help you believe in your magic and help them believe in their own exceptional power and incredible magic too!" - Nikita Gill

Release & Let Go With The Full Moon

During the full moon, we will discuss limiting beliefs, explore the energy that keeps us stuck and release together with a variety of therapeutic and spiritual practices. A key aspect in manifesting is making sure your energy is aligned and clear. To do this we must remove any blocks!


Manifest & Create With The New Moon 

This is the time to claim and call in what we want. With the power of a group, the energy will be much stronger and you will be more magnetic than just manifesting alone. We will chat about the energy of the new moon and how you can use it to harness your intentions & manifestations. Rachele will lead visualization and meditations to help anchor in your goals.


Support & Accountability In all Moon Phases

In-between the two moons, our group will connect via Telegram for in-the-moment support, to keep you on track with your goals and for check in's. Rachele will provide insightful thoughts to spark growth, alongside regular updates and tips to help you stay aligned as you move towards your manifestations.

Benefits of Joining

  • Support from a coach alongside women going through some similar challenges & wins like you. We're in this together!

  • Rapid manifestations because creation turn into reality when you have the accountability to stay on track with your vision alongside POWERFUL collective energetic support

  • Gain an understanding of your growth cycles, where you're limiting your potential and where you can continue to expand.

  • Learn to integrate your Human Design with your spiritual/manifestation practices.

  • Set yourself up for the most EPIC Autumn season, with many healthy habits in place for you to achieve so much success! 

  • SISTERHOOD! New friends! And community to encourage and empower you along the way.


2 live 1-1.5hr calls per month with Rachele.

Telegram accountability, homework, and inspirational support between moons.

Doors close for signing up on July 12th. Our first Full Moon is on July 13 at 6 pm PST. (Times for the additional dates are TBD with the group)

Additional Dates:

July 28

August 12

August 26


Cost $330 CAD + GST

*Payment plans offered upon special request


I am a Professional Therapist turned Holistic Coach & Human Design Guide. I realized I needed to shift my private practice to a coaching business because of a spiritual awakening. I was so incredibly physically sick I could barely stand for 5 minutes to wash dishes. A friend of mine, at the time, triggered the shit out of me because she introduced me to my Human Design and told me I wasn't listening to my sacral energy. This frustrated me because it was a previous awakening experience that brought me to be a therapist in the first place!

Fast forward a few years and I have since prioritized understanding myself at a soul level without the conditioning of the world around me. I have listened to many spiritual teachers such as Bashar, Abraham Hicks, Allen Watts, Dr. Joe Dispenzea, Marianne Williamson and many more that help me tap into my personal spiritual gifts. In addition to this, I've learned an understanding of embodiment practices through the lens of masculine and feminine energetics, Human Design, Astrological Birth Charts and Inner-Child work. All these practices are what I will be bringing into Moon Mastermind as your facilitator. My manifestation is for you to understand yourself deeper and for you to grow into the most lit-up, empowered version of yourself! 

-Rachele Kehler: Facilitator, Guide & Holistic Coach during Moon Mastermind.


"But what if I don't know what I want to manifest? Can I still join?"


Yes! If you're stuck but know you want to join, I will privately chat with you for 15 min to help you get clear. (Also, on day one we will set smart goals together, so clarity likely will come!)


"Does everyone have to manifest the same thing?"


Nope. You can manifest a healthy partnership, a new job, more money, a healing conversation with a parent, or clarity for the next steps in your life- it's all your choice. All of what we will practice will support your individual needs.


"I'm your client already, is there a benefit in joining?" 


My gosh yes! Don't worry, none of your confidential information will be shared within the group. This will only ENHANCE your work together with me and help keep you on track towards your goals that we've created, or new ones!


If you are not a client and looking for individual coaching, this is a group container NOT for individual support.


"What if I am religious or not sure I believe in manifestation?"


Personally, I believe everything is energy. I will always invite everyone who works with me privately or in a group setting to sprinkle in their own beliefs on top of what I teach alongside asking clarifying questions. I am not a guru and in no way would I tell you what you're meant to believe in. I will, however, be talking about Human Design, the moon and Astrology. I will also likely be pulling oracle cards periodically for us- if these topics or practices are triggering for you, this group may not be a fit. If you can see that meditation is another form of prayer, for example, or pulling an oracle card helps us connect to the divine, for example...then come join us! (If you have any concerns you're ALWAYS welcome to privately contact me too) 


"What if I can't make the LIVE calls?"


I will always send out the recordings and you will receive an opportunity to ask any questions or share feedback in our Telegram group. This is the hub for how we stay connected.


“It’s summer, I’m not sure I want to commit to anything right now…how much time will it take?”

Working on achieving your goals is not something to pause, no matter the season. Dedicated time for yourself is one of the best ways to heal your inner child alongside and build your self-confidence. 

Practically speaking, we have 2 calls per month that are both at most 90 min, with additional components of homework, exercises and support via telegram. You can invest as much or as little as you like in between the calls. However, to turn your manifestations into reality, it's highly recommended you commit to a daily practice of connecting to yourself through this journey. 

"How much does it cost and do you offer payment plans?"


To join it costs $330 CAD +GST. You can pay here:

If you are excited and ready to join but need to pay via e-transfer or a payment plan, please email me directly.

moon phases.jpg
The Energetics Behind The Moon Phases We Will Explore

New Moon:

Visioning- Beginning- Goal Setting- Manifesting- Cleansing Rituals- Visioning- Starting New- Unlimited Possibility

Waxing Cresent :

Refine the Vision- Start New Habits- Fresh Energy- Conceptualize


First Quarter:

Roots- Courage to Create- Challenges- Action

Waxing Gibbous:

Development- Evaluation-Patience- Ask for Feedback

Full Moon:

Illumination- Celebration- Release- Peak Energy- Deep Healing- Gratitude- Blessings- Trust


Waning Gibbous

Give Thanks- Share Wisdom- Cleanse Unwanted Energy- Service


Last Quarter:

Release Bad Habits- Change Perspective- Forgiveness 


Waning Cresent:

Surrender- Rest- Restore- Reflection

Moon Mastermind.png

You do not have to keep your goals in hiding. No dream is too audacious to manifest. Consider this your safe place to share, dream, and match your vibration to your reality!

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