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Relationships 101

Set the foundation for a brave new type of love that lasts.

In this 8-week women's group coaching program where you will learn the foundational components to attract and keep a happy, healthy, heart-centred partnership. It's a look inward as you explore your outward relational desires.


 Step into the love story that you deserve! Are you ready?

Feel aligned, confident and prepared for the
love of your life!

Date & relate from a safe, secure & grounded place

Knowing What You Want CAN
Be Simple...

As young girls we are taught that our knight in shining armour will sweep us off our feet and we will "just know" if they're the one...most don't actually do the work to prepare for the love of their life. 

Now I am not one to tell anyone that you have to be healthy, whole, and healed to have an amazing relationship. In fact, I think so much healing and growth can happen WITH the right partner...and imagine if you were aware of your triggers, learned how to soothe yourself, had the tools to communicate with your partner and learned what it takes to embody the polarity you desire in your relationship? This is where your power is. This level of awareness and self-responsibility sets you up for an incredibly healthy and heart-centred partnership. 

I created Relationships 101 for women who want to take charge of their desires and claim what they want in their relationships. No more waiting to just "feel it," learn how to discern what is correct for you without the cloud of any past pain in your way, and CLAIM WHAT YOU WANT!

This program is for women who are single and looking, dating and curious to learn more or women in long-term partnerships who are questioning the health of their connection while wanting to get clear on their needs.


After these 8 weeks, you will feel empowered and READY for your love story to to begin. 

After Completing Relationships 101 You Will...

  • Understand the foundational components of a brave new type of love, that you feel ready and prepared for (No more toxic men, you'll see them from a mile away!)

  • Feel confident and secure with your values, standards, and needs and how to share them (No more settling, you step into your self-worth!)

  • Learn how to communicate your needs and boundaries effectively without guilt, shame, or fear of abandonment (No more fear of conflict!)

  • Heal your past traumas with somatic and experiential techniques that you can refer to any time you feel triggered (No more wounds stopping you from love!)

  • Live by your new beliefs and embody the relationship you desire (No more lack mindset!)

  • Have a connection to yourself, so that you never fear losing yourself in a relationship again (No more changing who you are to fit him, you become yourself!)

  • Feel ready to date, commit, and attract your ideal relationship (No more dating fatigue or frustrations!)

  • Bring in your ideal partner or enhance your current relationship with strategies of expansion and magnetism (No more lacklustre blah partnerships!)

  • Know what you want and know how to get it (No more being wishy-washy or attracting "situation-ships"!)

  • Truly love yourself from the inside out! (No more insecurities in your true desires and your unique needs!)

Image by Oziel Gómez

Knowing what is yours and taking responsibility for how your past pain impacts your relationship is the key to creating a healthy partnership.

Program Details


An 8-Week Group Coaching Program + Group Chat


During Relationships 101, you will receive customized homework, modules created for the group container, direct support from me as your group coach & facilitator, as well as a sisterhood of women who will chat and empower you through Telegram. All sessions will be recorded, although it is highly recommended that you prioritize attending live, as I make sure to spend time coaching you and answering your individual questions each week! Please note that I curate a curriculum based on the group's needs. The topics listed below are subject to change.


Please be prepared for each week to be 1 hr to 90 min modules starting at 5:30 PM PST.

Your investment: $700 CAD.  


Week 1: June 14

What Are My Needs? And How Do I Talk About Them?

Everyone has core needs stemming from childhood. Uncover your unique needs and learn how to communicate them with your friends, family, and partner. 


Week 2: June 21

Inner Child, Reparenting & Attachment Theory

Learn how  important it is to connect with your inner child and heal your attachment wounds so that you aren’t demanding for your partner be your “everything.” In addition, you will learn how to create secure bonds and how to navigate avoidant, anxious and disorganized attachment styles.


Week 3: June 28

What Are Your Values & Standards For a Relationship + Embrace Your NO

No more settling. Learn your standards and how to express boundaries in your relationships.


Week 4: July 5

Belief Work, De-Conditioning, EFT + Live Group Coaching

What beliefs are holding you back? What is stuck in your subconscious? Together we will do EFT and I will support you with live coaching this week.


Week 5: July 12

Communicate Through Conflict To Get To Harmony

Understand how your punishment cycle in childhood impacts how you see and experience conflict in your relationship. You will have tools to learn HOW to repair and resolve your issues within your connections.


Week 6: July 17*

Who Is Your Ideal Partner? 

You probably know what you don't want, but how do you attract your dream love? Learn how to manifest and call your partner to you while learning the importance of living in alignment with your desired relationship. 


Week 7: July 28*

What Blocks You From Receiving Love? Q & A+ Live Coaching

What stops you from receiving love, attention, connection and healthy partnerships? Live group coaching support. 


Week 8: Aug 3*

Get Your Flirt On & Claim Your Desire!

Understanding Masculine & Feminine Energetics/Polarity Turn on your magic and learn to receive. 

Rachele Headshot Warm Straight on_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Who Is Your Host?

After working with women and couples for over 7 years I noticed a theme that was missing in the relationship world…HOW to actually build a solid foundation of understanding in relationships while getting to the root cause of people's issues! There are so many quick-fix tips to help you date, but no one talks about the importance of understanding yourself, how you operate and where your bonding styles come from…


I started dating in my teens and no one taught me how or what to do, I just had to figure it out as I went. My people-pleasing wounds were strong and I found I often followed what they wanted and didn’t really consider what was important to me especially if I knew they liked me. (My gosh I’m not even sure I liked my first boyfriend?!)


This carried into having a checklist for my future spouse by the time I was 17. Fast forward to me at 21 walking down the aisle and getting married to a man I loved but wasn’t “in love” with because he checked the items on my list…fast forward 8 more years and we were going through a divorce. I had become a shell of myself, dealing with his narcissistic tendencies for so many years, once again, I didn’t know who I was. 


When I dipped my toe back into the dating world again after years of therapy, I realized I still had more work to do. I kept attracting men who were emotionally unavailable, didn’t know what they wanted or literally didn’t have time for me. My inner child was often in pain, confused why this kept happening to me.


It wasn’t until I took the time to truly sit down and get real with what I wanted in a partner, how I wanted to show up for myself and get deeply connected to my inner child combined with my feminine self that I was able to bring in a healthy reciprocal and deeply healing relationship into my life!


Alicia B, USA

"Rachele created a space for women to feel heard, empowered and uplifted. She is a passionate coach and facilitated a group where I felt comfortable sharing my vulnerabilities and desires. Rachele created a powerful experience that I feel privileged to be a part of!"

Arden S, Canada

"Working with Rachele helped me build such a strong foundation of self-worth that I couldn't have done on my own. Rachele's collaborative approach made change sustainable. She truly helped me come into my power."

Gemma S, Canada

"Rachele offers the perfect balance of being a steady, open, safe space while almsgiving just enough challenge, push and reflection to garner true transformation. She always cheered me on, supported me and believed in me. She saw me and I don't think you can put a price on that!"


Is this a program just for single women?

As much as we will be focused on building the foundations of a relationship this program, will also benefit those who are in a relationship and want to improve the depth or maybe they're questioning if the relationship is correct for them and want to figure out what they desire or how to communicate in new ways! It will benefit all stages of relationships including platonic relationships.

What exactly is a group coaching program?

A group coaching program with me is a mix of teaching, alongside on the spot coaching and support within each module. It's like you have me as a coach not just as a facilitator. You will learn something new and then we will discuss and I will answer any questions that may support your continued growth. In my experience with groups, there is often themes that come up for everyone, so it is incredibly valuable to share and express your concerns as it helps and supports others growth as well!


How is this different than any other course out there for dating?

As a trauma-informed relationship coach, I pride myself in honouring your individual experience within the group. I mix somatic tools, embodiment practices, and many highly effective communication tools that I have supported my clients with. I guarantee you will learn many new things that no other program has taught because we will be exploring the roots of why you do what you do, why you attract who you attract and why you behave the way do with others. It's a look inward as you explore your outward relational desires. In addition to education, I will also be coaching you live in this container so that you will receive direct support from me!

I am introverted and not sure how comfortable I am in groups, would this benefit me?

Any group that I run caters to your individual needs. You will never ever be forced to share or do anything you aren't comfortable with. I always do my best to create a safe container for the women that are a part of the group. Please note that if you are attending live I do encourage your video to be on in order to build safety and rapport with the rest of the group, and it also helps me see your process via your body language and support your needs better.

What if I can't attend live, will it be worth it for me to sign up?

Although it is highly recommended you try to attend live, especially to be able to have your questions answered live, there will still be major benefits even if you watch the recordings! The healing benefits and energy of the group will be felt through the recordings and you will also be able to engage with the group via telegram if you cannot attend live.

What is Telegram and how does it benefit the group?

Telegram is an app that allows voice and text interaction and the intention is that it is a hub for all the women in the group to stay in touch in between weeks as well as for me to share any tips, support and strategies to practice. 

Will this be a good substitute for therapy?

Although I do have a background in therapy and trauma-informed coaching, this is a group program meant for those who are wanting to learn more about themselves and how they show up in relationships. It's interactive and educational but it does not replace the impact of one-on-one therapy. If you are highly in your trauma or in crisis or in an unsafe relationship I suggest you maintain the support of your coach or therapist during this experience

I am in a queer relationship, are you going to be teaching just for straight women?

I teach from what I know. I myself will be speaking to the dynamics between men and women, or masculine and feminine. I have supported many queer couples and individuals, and as long as you are comfortable with the language I use being focused on men and women you're more than welcome to attend!

Will this help other relationships other than intimate partnerships?

Incredibly! You are going to be learning powerful communication tools and strategies, alongside unpacking your past triggers so that you can show up as authentic as possible. It will transform the way you relate to everyone and everything. Not to mention these recordings are accessible to you to refer back to any time you need relationship support.

I am not sure I can afford this right now, will you be running this program again?

I do offer payment plans for those who are willing and ready to be a part of this container. If you need something in addition to what is already listed I am more than willing to chat with you and make something work for both of us. I cannot guarantee I will run this program again until I complete this and see how it feels for me. If you're ready but your only hesitation is financing, please reach out to me personally: . I am not usually sure if a program will be done more than once until the completion of the first one, so if you are ready and want this work, I highly suggest you join now!

Still not sure if this program is for you or if you have any questions,  book a FREE no pressure chat with me here.

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