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Let's Explore Together

"Working with Rachele helped me build such a strong foundation of self-worth that I couldn't do on my own. Rachele's collaborative approach made change sustainable. She truly helped me come into my power."

-Arden S, Vancouver, BC

About Your Guide

Rachele uses her intuition combined with her unique set of multidimensional tools to guide you into your journey of expansion and growth. 

Rachele has learned how to combine therapeutic techniques, coaching strategies and healing tools to help you regulate your nervous system, banish any burnout, make aligned choices to take care of yourself and truly propel you forward in life. 

If you choose to have Rachele guide your journey of growth, you can expect to release any people-pleasing, (over) caretaking, boundaryless tendencies and step into your empowered feminine essence. No more emotional exhaustion, no more lacklustre relationships, no more getting taken advantage of- it's time for YOU to learn how to put yourself first while embodying your unique purpose in this world. Are you ready to be supported in your next level of growth? 

Your Journey Starts Here

1X 45 Min Discovery Call


Before you or Rachele decides to start on this road trip or healing together, we both need to decide if we are a good fit for one another. Rachele offers a free chat where we can connect, you can share with me where you most ned support and Rachele will let you know if she thinks she would be best guide for you. Ask anything, share anything and we'll see if we vibe! 

The Gentle Integrative VIP Experience

Up to 24x 1 hr Sessions + 1 90 Min Intake Session

$7700 CAD

If you know you want to recalbrate your nervous system, make some monumental changes in behaviors and habits alongside receiving consistnat support & accountability for 1 full year this is a beautiful place to start. 

What's included:

  • A customized session schedule co-created to suit your needs

  • Unlimitd text & email support during your 1 year journey

  • A Human Design Foundatinal Reading

  • Emotional Relesae Sessions & energy healing, as needed

  • Access to all Rachele's workshops, events and the SHE.FOR.WE community for free during you 1 year of working together

  • Tailored homework, techniques and tools to help keep you accountable 


The VIP Experience

Package of 10x 1 hr Sessions + 1 90 Min Intake Session

$3300 total. *Payment plans available upon requst

Integrative. Support is ongoing. Accontability is priceless!


Speed VIP Experinece 

Package of 5 x 1 hr Sessions  + 90 Min Intake Session

$2200 CAD *Payment plans available upon request

Do you have one specific thing you need support with? You're ready to launch a product, ready to start your business or perhaps need some very hands-on support while going to visit your family to break some toxic bonds...this is for you.

What's included:

  • Weekly 1 hr sessions

  • Unlimited email and text support & accountability during your package time

  • Free 3-month membership to Rachele's community SHE.FOR.WE

  • Tailored homework and tools for your needs

  • A Human Design Reading, if you choose

  • And much more...

At the end of our 6 weeks together be prepared to know which direction to go, feel aligned in your path and feel ready to take those next steps. Empowered choices and dreams birthed into reality combined with accountability and intuitive support along the way is life-changing!


As Needed 

1 hr Sessions

$275 CAD

This option is for those who have had therapy or coaching before or have worked with Rachele prior. If you are overall feeling pretty stable and just want to check in whoever your implementing some bigger change in life, this is the route is for you. There are no additional add-on's other than the support you receive in your session. 

*Limited spaces available


Understanding Your Human Design 

1hr Foundational Human Design Reading

$250 CAD

Have you ever felt stuck, unsure how to decide what's next or confused as to where to begin to find your inner voice?

Human Design is a modality that helps you understand your inner genius. Simply put, it gives you a permission slip to embody your true self. Many clients have found when they started to learn about their Human Design, it made their decision-making and life path make so much more sense.


What's included:

  • A look at your individual blueprint, in other words, what your soul is meant to be doing on this earth. In Human Design Terms we look at your body graph and  your defined and open centers

  • Deep learning on how to use your energy correctly to guide your decision making

  • An understanding of how you are wired to uniquely manifest your purpose and how to best market yourself or your business

  • Find out how to access your flow and ease in communication and in life

  • How to attract opportunities that are most in alignment with you

  • A recording and customized workbook for you to reference after your reading.


Please include your time of birth, exact location and full birthdate when booking. 


Group Coaching

Group Coaching which is a part of SHE.FOR.WE

See paymnet options in the SHE.FOR.WE community

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