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A  safe haven for women to connect and grow together. Grounded in support, empowerment and heart.

"When one woman grows, we all expand..."

Women holding hands

Step 1: Connect Here

Join the private community on Mighty Networks- an app that fosters community connection without all the noise of other social media platforms. Together we will grow, expand, and amplify the voices of women while supporting and empowering each other.

Step 2: Participate in SHE.FOR.WE

Start discussions, polls, comment, and connect with your fellow SHE.FOR.WE members. Sharing your challenges and opportunities during growth is what develops deeper connections and helps normalize what others might be going through too!

Step 3:  Join Group Coaching Container

Together we are co-creating an intimate healing experience where your needs as a group come first. You will get direct weekly contact with me and your fellow friends. We will have a once-in-a-lifetime bond during our 2-month container of growth and expansion.

How To Be A Part Of The Community

Hot Topics In The SHE.FOR.WE Community

  • Masculine & Feminine Dynamics

  • Inner Child Work & Family relations

  • Dating & Relationships

  • Spirituality, Alchemy, Astrology and all things woo-woo 

  • Human Design Charts and Embodiment

  • Feminine Empowerment

  • Everyday concerns such as burnout, self-care and confidence

  • Manifestation, Abundance & Soul Purpose 

  • Sensuality & Sexuality 

  • Entrepreneurship & Business Support

  • Embodiment, Body Love & Nervous System Integration

  • ...and much more!

You can participate in one or all topics,  whatever excites you and wherever you need support 



I wanted to create something different, something I haven't seen out there yet...a community where women could connect on a deeper level with each other, consistently. In my years as a Coach and Therapist, I kept hearing my female clients express to me how they didn't have friends who were "like them" or quite frankly, didn't feel like they could even connect with women at all. 

Many women hold wounds around being hurt by their mothers, sisters, or friends growing up and so they tend to put their guards up. Many women also hold generational wounds, historically or figuratively being burned at the stake for their wisdom, intuitive guidance and femininity.

One of the most healing experiences, and why many people go to therapy, is simply to know they are NORMAL and that they're not alone. This is what I'm here to show you. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

My intention is to create a community of EMPOWERED women that heal and grow together; who open their hearts and minds to new ways of connecting to develop deep and lasting friendships.

Who Is SHE.FOR.WE For?

Women who support in other women. Women are learning to operate with grace, compassion, and kindness despite differences in views, opinions, or beliefs.

SHE.FOR.WE is about expansion, growth, and integration TOGETHER. If you're tired of growing alone and ready to feel the impacts of group healing- this is for YOU.

What You Can Expect

A community of women supporting each other. We are an open-minded, open-hearted group of folks who believe in the power of a collective.


Consider this your safe haven.

Participate in groups, join privately integrated containers, or just participate in the open community home page. Either way, you will receive connection and have a safe haven for you to share and shine. You deserve to be supported and you most certainly deserve a comfortable place to land when expressing from your heart. Are you ready to join? Click below...Membership is FREE for a limited time.

What Happens After You Apply?


Fill out the application form and if all is OK'd, within 72 hrs you will receive a link to purchase your monthly plan. 

If for some reason you do not receive your confirmation email it could be a tech issue. Please email me directly. 


After receiving your link download the Mighty Networks app and sign up for the membership plan. Monthly plans are $10 + additional costs for group coaching & courses


Once you're in, check out the featured articles and welcome posts to learn how to navigate.

Make sure you download the app to get notifications and to maintain a connection with the other women who are there with you!


Cheer, comment, chat and join the group. Ask questions, ask for support, invite others to share...and if you feel called JOIN the intimate Group Coaching Container

What Women Are Saying About SHE.FOR.WE...

"SHE.FOR.WE is my new Facebook. I love what Rachele has created!" -VG

"There is a tonne of content to play around with and questions which make you think! Plus it's cool to see what others are up to, how they feel about certain topics and how we all relate to one another. I like that I can connect in the group and receive support from everyone." -KH

"Rachele is a wealth of knowledge and I love how much content, tips and suggestions there are in SHE.FOR.WE. If you're a woman, there is guaranteed something here you can relate to!" -KZ

Q & A

How exactly does SHE.FOR.WE/Mighty Networks work?

SHE.FOR.WE is hosed on Mighty Networks, but it feels like it's its own app/platform because it is. We are in our own private community where it is uncensored and safe to share. 


You'll notice that once you're inside the app, the main area feels similar to a Facebook newsfeed; it shows you the most recent posts, some poll questions to answer, all the up-to-date content and much more. Then, when you navigate to the menu bar you'll see different headings such as topics, events, group coaching etc..


If you decide to join a Group Coaching Cohort it's like its own sub-community that is private just for us. We chat with each other only the paid members of this Cohort will have access to this content, however, you will still have accessibility to the main feed.


The reason I chose to host on Mighty Networks is because of the privacy, the overall feel and the ability to have subgroups. I also love that we can chat as a group or you can start a chat with someone in the community. Once you're in you'll totally get the vibe!


Imagine SHE.FOR.WE is your house. When you enter the house's lobby, you're introduced to all the hosts and all those already at the party inside. You make great friends, small talk etc... in the lobby. AND this house has multiple rooms, with small groups and different themes where you need to have the invitation to enter those rooms. Lots to explore in the lobby and hallway and open spaces AND if you want to go deeper with your community, get a key and join a "room."  

What makes this different from other online communities?

This community is inclusive, supportive and managed by a trained therapist & coach and your voice is encouraged and seen.

Rachele has been a part of online courses or Facebook groups where you either do not receive support to integrate the experience or only the moderators share, or sometimes the people that are in the group re-triggered or traumatized others and the moderators/hosts didn't have the skill to facilitate these challenges. THIS will not happen when you're a part of SHE.FOR.WE.

We have tons of content that is engaging, uplifting and normalizing. It's for women of all ages with the goal and intention of building friendships, connections and community from around the world.

Rachele will host live events, group coaching cohorts, and have mini-teaching workshops, alongside posting regular content.

How much does it cost?

If you sign up today, the first 20 members will receive 2 months free to play and explore our community. After 2 months if you choose to stay it's only $10/month. You are free to cancel your membership anytime. 

It has a fee to cover the cost of Rachele's plan with Mighty Networks and to support the time and effort Rachele takes to maintain this community. As we grow these prices will change, so make sure you join early and explore. The founding members will have the most impact on the evolution of SHE.FOR.WE because you help us set the tone!

What are you waiting for? Come join us!

What is Group Coaching?

Group Coaching is a subgroup of SHE.FOR.WE where you receive weekly support directly from Rachele and your fellow group members.

This is an invite-only container of women who have already been invited into SHE.FOR.WE. Rachele will meet with the group and curate a plan specifically for the needs of this container. Together we will go through teaching, sharing and growth side by side. You will feel the impact of even just one woman's growth and change.

Rachele has been a part of many group healing experiences and understands the magic and impact that can be created with the support of a group. It's so much more powerful when 10 women put their energy together than just one. You'll neer have to feel like you've got to "do it all on your own" again. 

Join SHE.FOR.WE to receive the updates on when each cohort starts. 

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