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Come Home To Yourself

Her Inner LIght Always Called Her Home

Sometimes when we ignore that little still small voice we actually are dishonoring and dimming our inner light, ultimately denying our true self. What gives you a spark, what inspires you, what lights you up is not bad or wrong. Often times we make ourselves small and live in others shadows just to get by without being noticed, thinking this is the safe/polite/nice place to live- but what if...what if...the most meaningful authentic place is when you listen to you and shine your light for all to see? What if?!?

My light guides me home. I'm human, sometimes it isn't always as bright as I know it can be, but I know ways that work for me to reignite the fire! If you feel like you need help sparking that flame, this is my specialty. Connect or call me, I do coaching sessions in person in Vancouver, BC and via skype! Trust yourself and your light once again. ✨💗✨ (book excerpt from Rebecca Campbell's Light is The New Black) .