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Connecting Through Change

I remember vividly the time when I was 28 and going through a divorce. We had been together for 10 years and married for 8. When I was hit with the shock of our situation I didn't know who I was anymore. When he left I felt alone. Not just because he wasn't there anymore, but because none of my friends were in my situation.

To be fair, I was very lucky in many ways. My friends were incredibly supportive, loving and so willing to hold space for me and my emotions during this trying time in my life. However, I was still seeking out women who experienced the same thing as me. Many of my friends were starting families, in new relationships, getting their careers on track and here I was going through a divorce and unemployed. When I spoke to my counsellor if she knew anyone else going through the same thing as me, at my age, she said she would try to do some research and get back to me. She came up empty handed. I couldn't believe that there was no support for women my age in my situation. I KNOW I wasn't the only one. To top things off, after only a few short weeks after our divorce was finalized, my ex suddenly passed away. This added a whole new layer of complicated grief and loss. A whole new experience that no one in my life had gone through.

So, after a few years of healing and embarking on the career I have now, I realized it was time for me to give back to other women what was missing. This is why I created the MeetUp group: Connecting Through Change. This group is for women who have gone through or are experiencing divorce, a long-term break-up or the loss of a partner. My focus is to create a safe and loving environment where we can support each other however is needed, to express what is going on with other women who GET IT and to have some time for myself, ( or guest teachers ) to share with you some practices that helped me heal and helped me come back home to myself.

If you, or any women in your life needs this sisterhood, please don't hesitate to join. This is for all ages and there is no time frame as to how "fresh"things need to be. Grief has no time limit! Lastly, you are under no pressure to share your story. Sometimes just being in an environment of women supporting women who have gone through similar life experiences is all we need to feel comforted through change.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me!

Our first event is going to be on the evening of Thursday July 27, 2017 at Rhodes Wellness College. Please click here for more details.