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What You Seek is Seeking You

Jason Silva certainly has a way with words. If you haven't seen him before, worth checking out some of his other videos.

What caught me about this one is the concept that experience is more valuable than things and that "experience" is a sense of seeking which is what ultimately gives us a zest for life. Seeking is the fuel to the inner fire.

So, if we are constantly looking for questions to our answers, constantly learning more about ourselves is this the key that is missing? Is self-improvement ultimately what we all seek to experience? I know for myself it has certainly given me a thirst for more, it's inspired my entire business and given me the motivation to do what I do. I love figuring myself out, and I love bearing witness to someone else figuring themselves out!

I want to encourage you, as Jason says, to become aware. Become aware of the possibilities for more in your life. Become aware of who you are. Become aware of where you want to go. Become aware of what give you that fire. And then FOLLOW that awareness. What experiences in your life do you want to be more aware of? What do you need to do to get out there?