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How I Manifested Passion Through Curiosity

I was pondering passion last night.

After not being able to leave my couch for a week due to a brutal cold/flu I felt flat. I felt like there was no spark, no inspiration, no passion. I was reflecting on the times in my life I did feel what I imagined passion felt like and I noticed that most of that time was when I was relating to another person. Meaning, I found my passion while feeding off another person's vibe. Yikes! Am I one of those energy vampires? Those who suck the spark out of others? Do I need someone else to feel alive?! Those were some of the big questions I was pondering in my head to myself...then I thought, maybe I should step back a little and be a little more kind to myself.

So, before I went to bed I told myself, "Rachele, you've been sick for a week, of course you feel low energy and feel a little "greyer" than usual. That's ok. Totally normal. Don't pressure yourself to feel alive, just relax and live." And I shut my eyes and drifted off...

The next morning something magical happened. I was going through my usual routine of getting ready and watching a video or while eating breakfast. I stumbled across a video of Jason Silva talking about finding purpose. His videos are usually pretty inspiring, so I decided to click play. Within 30 seconds I hit pause and started writing. He proposed the question, "What are you curious about?"

What am I curious about? Hmm. Let's explore this, see where it goes. To my surprise, I wrote over 2 pages of all the things I am curious about! Mid-way though I cancelled my plans for the day because I felt inspired. I hit it. I found it. I found my passion through exploring my curiosity. I came to realize that passion for me is when I get into that state of flow. When things pour out and move effortlessly. When I am out of my head and operating from intuition, instinct, heart and in my feminine essence. Eureka!

The night before passion seemed so far away, like this huge unattainable thing that I couldn't get to on my own. Passion felt like a trait that other people had, not me. The funny thing is...I technically don't believe I found it "on my own." I went to sleep with an intention, trusting in something bigger than myself and letting go of my attachment to the "idea" of the feeling of passion. I released my expectations and was willing to receive the answer in the right time, whenever that was. Yes, I clicked play on the video. Yes, I chose to pick up my pen and paper and start writing. I made all those decisions without any expectation that it would spark passion within me. But I took a step forward anyway.

It makes me wonder, what if we take the end goal out of the picture? If the end goal feels like this daunting unattainable thing why bother desperately reaching for it?

I'm not saying give up. What I mean is this; the seed is planted and the desire is there. You don't need to know HOW you will get there. The HOW is what makes it feel daunting. What about just taking small steps to keep moving forward, whatever forward looks like for you. Forward, for me was an inspiring word: curiosity. I know curiosity, I like this word. I consider myself a curious person. Curious I can do. Little did I know it would lead me so quickly to my desired outcome.

What if the key to unlocking ANY block is letting go of the end goal and trusting you will get there while continuing to move forward. Move in any direction, but always take action.

I'm curious to try this idea of reframing and renaming my end game to manifest more goals with ease and speed. Are you??

Take a moment right now and ask yourself: What am I curious about? Follow the tangent, see where you end up. Who knows, you might ignite the spark that lights the flame within!

Curiosity-->Inspiration-->Spark-->Fire = Passion

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