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The First Step In Taking Your Life Back

holding hands

So here is the thing...if you were going to solve your problem, YOU already would have.

What I mean is this- sometimes you get stuck. Stuck in relationships, stuck in a job, stuck in the "muck" of life. When you're in the thick of it, it's incredibly challenging to make your own way out. You need a hand to help pull you out, you need someone else to help you see the end of the tunnel. Humans need humans. If we were good at everything, we would never need to interact with anyone. We'd never connect, and it would be an incredibly lonely life.

Asking for help does not mean you are weak or that you don't know what you're doing. Asking for help is actually the strongest thing you can do for yourself. It takes a massive amount of courage to decide to make a change. A grey mundane mediocre life is safe, it's familiar, it's what you know. But it's not where you need to stay.

Now, I'll be honest, I don't like asking for help. Not in the sense that I know best, but more so I don't want to "bother" other people with my "muck." I'm independent, "I can figure it out myself" is what I told myself most of my life. And it worked- until it didn't.

I had to hit rock bottom. I was unemployed, going through a traumatically shocking separation and had to sell the home we owned. My muck got washed away and I was in the most intense rushing water you could imagine. I was drowning.

I don't want you to hit rock bottom. I would never ever wish this on anyone. It was so painful and exhausting. I was floundering until I finally surrendered and let the water take me where I needed to go. I needed to ask for help. I needed to reach out. I needed a MASSIVE shift in perspective.

The first shift started with me. I admitted to myself that I don't know what I am doing. I admitted that I need people and that fact didn't make me needy.

I decided to take my life back. So, I pulled up my lady pants and called a counsellor.

A coach or counsellor can help you shift that perspective. My counsellor helped me immensely. And now the coaches I work with continue to blow my mind. I still need help! I'm human, ever changing and growing. You are too!

I can help you climb out of the muck so that you can feel like you again. No amount of muck is too little or too big. The best part? You're not bothering me! You're not burdening me with any of it. It is my pleasure to offer you a different set of lenses that help you see your own way out. When we work together, I can help you help yourself. Are you ready to reach out in order to step out onto solid ground? Are you ready to put yourself first? Let's get you your best life.

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