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15 Practical Self-Love Techniques

So often it is hard to stay focused on ourselves. In your busy day-to-day life I'm sure you'd like to say you love yourself, but do you really? To love someone it takes time. You must take the time to get to know yourself before you can truly love yourself.

I'm sure you're thinking, "Yeah right Rachele, if I had more time all my problems would be solved." (Insert eye roll here.) Right right, I get it. So after trying many different things on myself, I thought I would help make your life a little simpler by compiling a list for you that worked for me! You may or may not resonate with all of it, but I encourage you to try some of it. Trust me, what I am suggesting doesn't even take any extra time out of your day!

To take this one step further that just reading this and forgetting about it in 2 minutes, I would suggest getting a big piece of paper and some fun markers and writing out this list. Make it as creative or as organized as you want and then post it up someplace you will see it regularly. For me, this was next to my full-length mirror in my bedroom. Then, read these daily for at least 20 days straight and do your best to put them into practice.


1) I choose to put myself first, even if it means I could upset someone

2) I speak what is true for me, not swallowing my words, in order to express what I truly want and need

3) I give my body rest, exercise and comfort to the best of my ability

4) I wear clothes I feel my best in and that fit my personality no matter what others may think

5) I build a lifestyle I love while I am single, instead of waiting for a partner (or others) to make me happy

6) I accept all of me. The good, the bad, the ugly, the sexy, the smelly-ALL OF ME!

7) I make time to do things I love for me, without worrying about wasting time (this is my self-care list!)

8) I own my inner and outer beauty as a woman. When I look in the mirror I admire all parts of me with positive thoughts

9) I spend time connecting deeper with myself doing something that isn't in front of a TV or computer

10) I trust my gut/intuition instead of just living in my head

11) I am aware of how I spend my emotional, physical, mental and spiritual energy. Are my decisions bring me joy, creativity, connection, ease?

12) I learn to set boundaries that protect and nurture my relationship with myself and others

13) I allow myself to make mistakes understanding and appreciating how I will grow from them

14) Before I eat food, I ask myself "What is the healthiest most nutritious thing I could eat right now?" And I trust what I hear is the right thing for my body

15) I LOVE and ACCEPT myself, even if I fail miserably at some of these self-love goals!


Have fun with this list but always feel free to let me know if you're struggling with any of these 15 tips I am here. We can always connect online or in person!

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