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This Is Me, Wounds And All...

Hey you, Rachele here. I have wounds. They do not define me, but they’ve shaped a lot of my journey...Talking about them releases the power they have; so, things are about to real vulnerable up in here: I grew up too fast because I had a younger sister with special needs. I thought my sister and my parents, needed me to be strong and brave. When I look back on her 14yrs of life I see that she was the one who was stronger and braver. She taught me to believe in miracles and her courage shines through me to this day. I lost both my grandparents within 3yrs of each other. They were often secondary caregivers to me and my siblings. I miss Grandpa’s laugh and Grandma’s fiercely loving heart every day. I went through 2 major shifts of unemployment. One by choice, one because I was laid off. Both inspired personal growth work in my life. Both unconsciously instigated drastic changes in my former marriage. I was married at 20, separated at 28, divorced at 31 and he passed away suddenly, 2 months after the papers were official. Nothing has been more confusingly life-changing or initiated more rapid growth and healing. For this pain and grief, I am grateful. Among the other doozies- multiple car accidents, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, eviction, endometriosis, moving cities, moving 8+times in that city...yet now here I stand, despite everything, with a heart full of understanding, empathy, and love. My wounds do not define me. They lead me here. I define who I am. No one experience can take that power away from me. —> NOTHING can take away that power from you too. Share it, let it go, release it. Free yourself from your pain.