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What Happens When Your Partner Triggers You

Think about this the next time you feel upset with your partner:

Ask yourself, when is the earliest time in my life I felt this emotion?

Then recognize your “why” (reason) and if you are able, talk to the source of the hurt, (your parent or guardian) and talk to that little girl inside your heart that is scared or sad.

Once the emotions have settled, share with your partner where the feelings came from because now you understand yourself a little bit more.

Vulnerability ALWAYS creates connection!!

If you want to take this even one healthier step forward do this: what you longed to hear/feel as a child, give that to YOURSELF. Talk to yourself and say those things, give yourself love and attention, buy yourself that extra special treat just because, have fun and play with no responsibilities...whatever it was you needed as a child- this is how you learn to LOVE yourself, not clinging to the need for anyone else to give that love to you but YOU.