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Girl, Learn To Love You First

Here’s the thing most of us forget:

know how to love yourself before you love another.

Why? So that you know what love feels like for you. You can define it, you understand it and you know what it feels like when you receive it. Many of us are taught to seek love FROM others. Like it’s something someone is supposed to give us, however, that is a false reality. How can someone give you something if they don’t have it in their heart to give? How can you give love away if you don’t have an abundance of it in your heart for yourself first? You or they are giving from an empty vessel. Learning to love all parts of ourselves is a journey worth taking. When we love ourselves we don’t expect those around us to fill us up, give us validation or make us happy. We do this for ourselves. Such freedom in this feeling. THIS is true empowerment. THIS is the key to having a healthy, empowered relationship. Everything you seek from another, give that back to yourself. 💗 Fall in-love with you!