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Reconnect To Your Heart

Take some time out to connect to your heart today.

Have you ever considered how much of your energy levels, mood or physical sensations are controlled by your heart? Sometimes you can burn out just because your heart is tired...too much giving to others with not enough giving love back to yourself. Wake up each day inhaling into your heart.

Focus your attention on your heart- it helps me to put my hands there and breathe in and slowly out 5-10times. Nurture your heart with this love and attention. Then go throughout your day asking yourself “Is this the most loving thing I can be doing for me?” And listen to the yes or the no. Following your heart might not feel safe at first, because so many of us live in our mind, but do these two simple things and you will genuinely start to feel more connected to yourself AND feel like you trust yourself more. These are two key ingredients for feeling in your power and refuelling that huge beautiful heart of yours!!!