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Nurture Your Growth

When you’re on a personal growth path it takes time. We don’t just spring into a fully bloomed plant out of nowhere! First you have the idea (you think you might want to change), then you source out where to get the seed (start reading books and researching counsellors or coaches), then you purchase the seed (take that course or see a counsellor), then you plant the seed(decide you’re ready to change). After the seed (the change you want to make in your life) is planted it takes tender love and care to make it grow. You need to water the seed, fertilize it, make sure no one plucks it out of the grows before it’s ready to emerge...and once it does come up from the ground you have to be patient and nurture it. Let that little plant (your new way of thinking/being) gain strength and stamina with withstand all the conditions your environment thrown at it. It takes courage to grow, it takes time to grow, it takes love and patience to grow. Don’t give up on the growth just because some phases are hard. If it came easily you’d have nothing to fight for and no accomplishments to be proud of. You wouldn’t appreciate all the work you’ve done.

Plant the seed of growth and stay strong. You got this!