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If It Doesn't Feel Good, Stop

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If it doesn’t feel good, stop.

A perfectly logical concept, yet how many times have you suffered through a brutal job? How often do you spend time with people that drain your energy? Have you stayed in a relationship just because there was small moments of good times, but it was mostly meh? A lot of the messaging we are taught in life is this: “You don’t deserve to feel good unless you experience some sort of struggle or suffering beforehand.” NOT TRUE!!! You were born in this world to feel good, to feel ease, to feel fun, to feel light, to feel when you get the initial sign that something doesn’t feel right- pivot. Let go of the idea of where you thought you were going and choose the path that makes you feel good! The first way to do this: look for things in your life that are working. Take conscious note of the things you appreciate.

Look for goodness and a great life will find you!

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