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The Ultimate Empowerment


When I care about how I feel, I have the power to manifest my reality. Think about this. As you begin to care about how you feel you can recognize what is working and what isn’t, because you are aware of how you feel. Let’s take this a step further: when you decide how you want to feel, (because you love yourself so much you know you have the right to do this) you begin to turn those ideas and dreams into reality. Why? Because you are clearly and consistently radiating from a place of love. And when are feelings are consistent we keep getting more and more things in our life that allow us to expand deeper and deeper into an appreciation of that good, loving feeling. If ever you’ve doubted the point of self-care and self-love, trust me when I say, if you don’t care for how you feel you will continue to live a life for others. A life that your external experiences control. Loving yourself is the ultimate empowerment. Loving yourself is where the magic is. How do you love yourself? First you have to CARE about yourself. Like, truly and genuinely learn to put yourself first. This is literally the most selfless thing you can do for you, and for all those around you. When you radiate care and love for yourself it ricochets out and everyone around you will start loving and caring for themselves AND you. You set the tone. When you empower yourself you empower others.

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