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Breaking Up For The Sake of Yourself

Empowering breakups

If you are dating someone who isn’t a 100% yes why are you sticking it out? I hear so many women share that they stay with their partner because they don’t want to be alone, or because he’s “mostly” good enough, or because they believe he'll change, or because they’re worried they won’t get someone better, and to put it bluntly- this is all stems from a lack of self-worth. If someone isn’t a 100% yes for you, why are you letting this person take up your time and energy? If you cannot 100% accept the human in front of you, they are not the human for you. I know for myself, I was with someone for a few months who was kind, attentive and wanted to take care of me- but there was a part of my heart that knew he wasn’t 100% right, FOR ME. He had a lot of amazing qualities but I knew I had to do what was right FOR ME.

Literally, this was probably one of the hardest breakups I have ever done. I left for my sake! I left because I listened to that little voice in my heart saying something was off. It was incredibly challenging and also incredibly empowering. I trust and know there is a person for me that I can be 100% about. No, he doesn’t need to be perfect, but I need to feel is a strong YES in all parts of me. If you’re compromising, just going through the motions, and sticking it out because it’s convenient and you like the affection- stop and look in the mirror. Love yourself enough to leave. You are worthy of a relationship that feels like a whole body 100% YES! Your person is out there. Your 100% exists! They’re just waiting for you to ready yourself for them and their love. Empower yourself by listening to yourself! Be with someone who aligns with your values, who has similar life goals and who can connect with you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Alignment is the key to a successful partnership!

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