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Permission To Care

Allow yourself to put yourself first. Have you ever heard this analogy: when the plane is going down you have to put your oxygen mask on BEFORE you help others with theirs? This is what I mean when I say- you MUST take care of yourself first. When you feel refreshed and rejuvenated this is when your energy reserve is full enough to give to others. I know. This requires you to say “no” or to cancel plans...but when you say no to others you’re saying YES to yourself. And what is more empowering than that?! Make yourself a priority in your life. Say yes to you! Give yourself the a-ok to do self-care. I will always remind you of this: if you’re worried about being selfish you NEVER will be. Nothing about self-care is selfish. If someone makes a comment or judgement about your choices that is THEIR perspective and their stuff coming up and being reflected on you. Let it roll off your back and keep your promise to yourself to do you!

Keep your energy EMPOWERED by understanding the SELF in self-care!