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Empowered Eating

Avocado: I eat them nearly every day for breakfast! Why? Avocados are full of healthy fats and the first meal of the day is what we train our body to use for fuel. So, for me, I’d like my body to use fat for fuel instead of insulin (sugars)...because then I do not get the crash and I am upping my metabolism naturally. Avocado is also super high in potassium, among many other nutrients! I usually add some lime and salt to my avocado each morning- and if I’m feeling like I want more protein I’ll sprinkle some pumpkin seeds on top. Taking care of your body is part of self-care. Listening to your body and feeling what feels good while adding more of that to your diet is how we make our bodies happy! Do you listen to your body or to your brain when you eat? Do you give into the craving and or settle for the thing you know won’t make you feel good but you just can’t help yourself?

Try keeping promises to your body, try committing to your health, try listening to what your body is asking for and you will feel much more empowered with your food choices!