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The Power Of Choice

DO you realize how much choice you have?

When we are children, we have no choice but to listen to our parents, go where they want to go, eat what they want to get it. You can rebel all you want but ultimately you don’t have a choice- we listen to our parents. The funny thing is, sometimes we forget that we take this same mentality into adulthood... “My boss is making me go to this retreat...If I don’t go to this event my friends will be mad...I have to stay living in this dump of a place because the city is to expensive...” you name it- we emphasize the lack of choice. The irony of it all, is when we feel stuck, we perpetuate powerlessness, and yet, every single day we forget we are making a CHOICE. No choice is a choice. I don’t know is a choice. When you go through the mundane motions of life, you are making a choice. You are saying yes to being numb, or saying yes to no change. Do you realize stuck is a choice? When you focus your attention on the choices you are making daily- simple things from; I want to style my hair this way, to I picked my favourite shirt today, to I’ll have an iced start to realize how much POWER you really do have. When you realize your power you nullify stuck, and you minimize anxiety’s need for control. Look at your day and OWN your choices. The most powerful choice you can make when you wake, “How do I want to feel today?” And just CHOOSE!

I invite you to look, what are you saying yes to? And what or who are you saying no to.

If this feels paralizing and you'd like some support in decision making, anxiety coping skills or if you just feel stuck, message me! We can work through and help you get unstuck super fast!

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