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Take Up Space!

I hear this time and time again, "I don't want to be a bother." And I repeat to my clients, time and time again "It takes more energy to hold space than to take up space."

I’m sorry you were brushed aside for minimized when you were in your feels as a child.

This is what you need to hear if you’re worried you’re a bother, think you're too much and would rather listen than make any requests.

However, you likely tend to be exhausted and burnt out from listening, from adapting to other's needs and maybe you even get frustrated because you “lose yourself” in relationships.

If this sounds like you, holy crap my friend, I too have been here. 🫂

•I wore so many masks I didn’t know who I was.

•I was nice just to avoid conflict.

•I was adaptable because I never believed I could truly get what I wanted.

•I cried behind closed doors.

•I only opened up to people after years and years of connection.

•I was (over) functioning with chronic fatigue syndrome from repressing myself, minimizing myself, pushing/forcing myself to be a yes when really I was a no.

What I didn’t realize is that I needed to output more. I needed to be heard, seen, and to EXPRESS. There was this deep soul knowing that I had something important to say, and that urge burned so deep inside of me I finally let it out.

I want to help you release your fears, stop people-pleasing and feel like you have healthy empowered reciprocal relationships. Msg me if you’re curious to dive deep into this work with me.💗

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