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The Year of Coming Home to Your Body...

Make 2021 the year of coming home to your body.

A women’s relationship with her body is complex and very layered. We have been conditioned from a young age to be super aware of our outer appearance and its impact on our sense of “worth.” As we grew into our woman-hood we have all been, at some point, judged, objectified, bullied and shamed for our bodies. Sometimes that was from the masculine and sometimes that’s from other women.

In addition, we take our womanly cues from how Mom speaks to herself, and how Dad talks about women. We look to our parents to see how to talk to ourselves.

The sad truth is that ALL women have experienced some form of abuse, body betrayal, body shame, and body pain. As the feminine, our bodies not only represent our physical vitality but the body is also the vessel for our sexuality and our emotions.

So, a shut down of your own emotions is a bypassing of your body’s needs. The shame of your creativity and sexual energy is a betrayal of your body’s natural needs and desires.

When you take a look at this within yourself, how often can you say you make a decision from your head or from your body? Can you honestly say you honour your physical body cues?

Did you know that your body is where you find the deepest healing and the deepest reconnection to your true self?

If you struggle to notice sensations in your body, and/or you find your body riddled with stiffness and physical pain this is your biggest clue it’s time to have a homecoming with your body.

When making a decision:

-Take a deep slow deep breath

-Notice your feet flat on the ground

-Place one hand on your lower belly/womb and one hand on your heart

-Ask yourself a yes or no question in order to decide

**Listen to if the yes has more ease and relief in your body or no. This is subtle. It takes practice to notice.

If its tough to even find your yes or your no, start here:

—> For 30 days, repeat this 3x while standing in front of your mirror OUT LOUD:

“It is safe to be in my body. My body knows what is best for me. I trust my body. I am open to receive a yes or a no in my body. My body loves me. I love my body.

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