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The Audacity To Be Seen

"Step up and lead your life like a Queen."


An 8-week group program for women ready to heal their inner "nice" girl and become soul-lead, power-house, authentic AF leaders of their life.

If you find yourself filtering your words around others, going down an anxious spiral wondering if you said the right or wrong thing when you express your opinions and wonder if they really like you, this program is your you!

No more playing small, no more being ashamed to follow your dreams or speak your truth...In The Audacity To Be Seen you will align with all parts of yourself to uncover your authentic voice which will help you feel powerful, magnetic and vivacious every single day.

Are you ready to shine?

Do you worry about hurting or triggering others with your words so you tend to stay quiet, just to keep the peace?

...If you said yes, keep reading

Do you have the desire for something more in your life but you get stuck in self doubt?

...If you said yes, keep reading

Do you desire to connect to your feminine power but aren't sure what it feels like or it doesn't always feel safe in your body?

...If you said yes, keep reading

Are you afraid you'll be abandoned or rejected if you show up as your fully expressed "too much" self?

...If you said yes, keep reading

Who is The Audacity To Be Seen For?

  • You find yourself ruminating, afraid you will disappoint people in your life so you stay small in quiet to keep the peace

  • You want to be your own boss or level up at work but are worried to step into the spotlight or do it all on your own

  • You had to "grow up fast" as a child and were often responsible for the needs of others and you find yourself replicating this now in your adult relationships

  • You're wanting to reignite the spark in your relationship and learn how to be your feminine and masculine to create more space for safety, play and pleasure

  • You feel shut down in your body and your emotions and realize this is keeping you stuck

  • You feel anxious when dating new people because of past experiences and you're not sure you're making the right choices 

  • You desire to feel courageous and bold and envy women who aren't afraid to speak their mind

  • You want to feel sexy, desired, powerful and playful again 

Need a payment plan? Join for 3 payments of $222

Your feminine self will never feel safe to attract and receive until you feel safe to be seen and heard.

Kristin Z, Canada

Before taking The Audacity To Be Seen, I was very anxious about asking for my needs to be met and shining bright in all areas of my life. Rachele had such a graceful approach to this work, which has been tough for me in the past. Each week built on the other, allowing for a gradual and purposeful transformation. In other courses I've taken, it felt like I was being thrown into the deep end, and I had to override my feelings often to run and just push through. This often left me feeling inadequate and more "broken" than when I started. With Rachele, you can tell she knows about trauma and approaches growth in such a balanced way. I also loved how we had an embodiment activity each week which helped us integrate what we were learning on the spot. I found this very unique to her teaching style and very beneficial.


I am leaving this program feeling like a better version of myself. I feel more confident in who I am and what my needs are.

Alicia B, Canada

My experience in The Audacity to Be Seen program was nothing short of transformative. I began the program knowing that I was silencing myself in an unhealthy way but not truly understanding why. The program showed me that I have within myself the power to transform my life and way of thinking. I have a voice and can use it to make my own path. I can now access parts of my heart and soul that have always been there but previously felt distant or unreachable. Rachele helped me bridge these gaps so that I have the power to be seen, heard and grow as an individual with passion and creativity.


I enjoyed how Rachele incorporated different techniques and perspectives all while curating a safe space for women and held space for us and our vulnerabilities. I would encourage any woman who wants to find a way to light her path to participate in Rachele's program. May you find your own audacity to be seen while you take this journey and participate in this program.

Erika T, Canada

I highly recommend The Audacity to be Seen for anyone looking to start or elevate their journey for self-improvement and introspection. Rachele asks thoughtful questions that will have you unpack what subconscious obstacles have been holding you back and provide you with a safe space to talk it out and create strategies for improvement.


I came into the program believing that some of my “personality traits” will always be difficulties I’ll need to overcome, and I left with a better understanding of who I (actually) am, what previous experiences have impacted me and how I can nourish and support my inner child to become the best version of myself.

What Women Are Saying About The Audacity TO Be Seen
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Save $200 when you register before Oct 13, 2023. Doors close on Oct 22, 2023



We meet weekly starting October 25 at 5:30 pm PST for 8 weeks for (up to) 90 min live transmissions, teaching and homework.


You can expect to experience energetic shifts, learn embodiment practices, reprogram core beliefs, release pain and blocks holding you back, and reconnect to your inner child, masculine energy, feminine energy and higher self, alongside practical strategies to learn how to express your needs, set boundaries and energetically clear emotions for you to feel in your power every day!


Telegram support & and connection will be provided in between modules.


Module 1: Foundation & Devotion

A commitment ceremony to connect and heal your inner child and inner masculine that will provide the foundation of safety needed to dive deeper. (This is a 2hr module)

Module 2: Envision & Clear Limitations

Understand how to clear your energy, release any beliefs holding you back and protect your emotional body.

Module 3: Awaken & Ignite Your Inner Fire

A powerful release of your feminine righteous rage and a recentering practice to help you feel safe in all your emotions.

Module 4: Integrate + Q & A with Rachele

It's time to connect as a group, process what we've explored so far and receive support that will help you continue to grow safely.

Module 5: Heart Opening & Embodyment

Reconnect to your heart while you look in the mirror and explore joy, pleasure and sensual movement that feels safe for you.

Module 6: Speak Your Truth

Uncover your needs and learn practical strategies to authentically express your boundaries and desires.

Module 7: Be The Queen

Envision your higher self and future self while connecting to self-trust and an embodied manifestation practice.

Module 8: Step Into The Spotlight & Celebrate

Align and embody all aspects as you express yourself while ceremoniously honouring and celebrating your capacity to be SEEN!


Understand how to communicate with the masculine from your empowered feminine energy to meet your relationship needs.

Order and subjects may change based on the group's needs

*If you can't be there live, don't worry! Recordings & homework will be sent out within 24hrs

What Results Can You Expect?

You will learn strategies to support your nervous system so that you can expand and stay in receiving mode for the growth spurts in your life.

You will leave feeling empowered to prioritize your needs, your manifestations and your desires and have the tools you need to create your dream life.

You will learn to embody in your your masculine, feminine, inner child and higher self in order to feel courageously authentic in how you show up everyday.

You will understand the art of magnetism that will help you attract more money, create a soul aligned job and bring in your ideal relationship.

Crown 2_edited.jpg

When was the last time you accepted that you don't need to be perfect?

The Roots of The Audacity To Be Seen

Have you been playing small in your life? Perhaps you know you’re meant for something more but aren’t quite sure what it is? Or maybe you know what it is but struggles feeling safe stepping into your power? 


The Audacity To Be Seen is a gentle integration of somatic, energetic, and practical strategies that will support you in feeling vivacious, magnetic, aligned, and empowered in your everyday.


My name is Rachele and I grew up being the nice and responsible oldest child. My role in

childhood was to be the caretaker and the strong one- which I interpreted as me not

being allowed to receive support, I was praised for giving it.

What I learned through a painful divorce, being evicted, and continuously being in jobs that

were out of alignment, experiencing chronic pain to the point of a fibromyalgia diagnosis and

attracting men who were emotionally unavailable to me was this… 


I was meant to support other women in feeling good, feeling fun, feeling

pleasure, feeling playful, feeling empowered and in seeing their magic!


This is why I am so passionate about The Audacity To Be Seen. 


I have lived this work.

I have breathed this work.

I had to tap into my courage and step into the path I knew my soul wanted me to be on. I know you know you’re meant for more in this life too. I know you know this, or you wouldn’t be here! My mission is to help you level up and expand your life in a safe container of group support and growth.


This is femininity work done differently.

We will unpack the roots of WHY you don’t feel safe to be seen or heard, we will get to the core of what is stopping you from stepping into your power and I will create a level of safety and security as a trained therapist and coach that many don’t offer in group programs.


In fact, I myself have been a part of many group femininity programs that do not touch on your traumas and triggers at all. To me, this feels irresponsible and I can see why sometimes it doesn’t always stick. (I know for me it took years for me to realize why I was so dissociated from my body!)


The reason we have to tap into your femininity in Audacity To Be Seen is that visibility, magnetism and radiance are within your feminine essence. If this part of you is scary and unfamiliar you likely will stay stuck in the “doing” mode which is masculine instead of allowing yourself to receive. And don't worry, in this program, you will also reconnect with your masculine essence and heal those parts of you that are staying stuck out of survival mode. Then we envision and embody your highest version of self while clearing any limiting beliefs or energy that could be keeping you playing small- so that you feel safe in being seen.

I will always honour your needs and nervous system in all that we do and we will gently tap into the body so that you can create normality in your energy with both expansion and grounding. (If you are currently in your trauma with an activated nervous system and do not have therapeutic support this program is not for you)


I am passionate about doing this work with many of my clients and I look forward to supporting you as you step into your spotlight and learn to live like a queen!


How much does it cost, and do you offer a payment plan?

The price is $860 GST or 3 payments of $288+gst. If you have any financial limitations in attending The Audacity To Be Seen, please email Rachele directly and let her know your intention to follow and a brief description of your financial capacity. (All prices are in Canadian dollars)

What will the modules be like?


You can expect a 1hr to 90 min live time together that will be a combination of teaching from me, a form of embodiment practice or movement, energy clearing and check-in. Everything I offer will provide you with a hands-on learning experience that will help you feel what is correct for you. I always invite you to listen to your capacity while gently stretching and expanding your nervous system in order to integrate change naturally and support longevity. We will explore spiritual components such as meditation and EFT. We will also reconnect to the body through dance and movement and we will learn many additional practical tools to help you express your needs, boundaries and desires.


What if I already work one-on-one with you or another coach? Will this help me?

The Audacity To Be Seen is an excellent addition to one-on-one work. The work we are doing privately will be kept confidential and not be brought into this group program. Working alongside a group can really support the normalization of many wounds and help you feel like you're not alone in your fears or blocks.

What if I can't make the time for the modules?

I will be recording all the modules and you will have direct access to this content within 24 hours. You will still receive MANY benefits from taking The Audacity To Be Seen in your own time! Plus, you will have the Telegram group chat to chime in and stay connected with the other women who are a part of the group.

Is there anyone you wouldn't recommend to take The Audacity To Be Seen?

This is a group to support women, no matter their sexual preferences. We will be covering the concepts of masculine and feminine energetics; however, this is not based on gender it is based on your own inner essence. 

We will also be regulating the nervous system and doing embodiment practices. You are strongly encouraged to take responsibility for your own capacity. This is not a trauma support group, however, we will likely be releasing blocks that could activate a release of stuck trauma. If you are unsure of your capacity, please book a 30 min check-in call with Rachele to see if you're the right fit. 

Our goal is SAFETY while integrating change.


What makes this different than any other group program about femininity?

The Audacity To Be Seen is different from any other feminity group because I am trauma-informed. I am a trained therapist and work with nervous system regulation and I have first-hand experience moving out of a "freeze" trauma response. I can support you in gently opening up to feel brave in being seen and heard. You will understand it in your mind so that you feel safe in your body. You will be held and cared for during this process and you will never be expected to push yourself more than you're ready to. 

I myself have taken many courses, read books and attended retreats on this subject and have yet to experience anything like The Audacity To Be Seen. I have taken many clients through a similar journey and their feedback is always how safe and calm they feel once we work together. You are in qualified hands and you can trust my 6+ years in the industry.


Amy additional questions you can email me at  or book a 30 min chat with me via the button below.

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