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I figured out what worked for me, and I am so excited to help you find what works for you!

I used to live my life putting everyone else before me. I thought that it was my role to be the caretaker and the strong one, the nice one, the one who supports everyone...yet for some reason, I couldn't figure out why I was always exhausted and felt completely powerless to everyone else's needs. It didn't even cross my mind how much I had my walls up, and how I was conditioned to be a people-pleaser. I played the "role" I thought everyone wanted me to be instead of owning and expressing my true self. I was ashamed of my feminine side and my sensitive spiritual self! I was scared to own the fact that I am the cycle-breaker-black-sheep of my family, who doesn't fit the mold, and so a life of playing small lead me to have immense empathy for believing in others' capacity to expand into their true selves.


And I'm here to guide you, to find yourself, your voice, your purpose, your self-love and that inner power I know you are capable of stepping into. 


"It's hard to practice self-love when we don't have a sense of self."- Kylie Mcbeth


You deserve to feel empowered in every aspect of your life, and the key to this is through reigniting your relationship with yourself, your highest version of self. Let's get you radiating your uniquely beautiful light for all to see!

Help me know you so that you can better know yourself. 

Are you ready to embody the life of your dreams?

Learn to embody your authentic self & live the life you were designed for


The journey you're about to embark on is a beautiful RECONNECTION to yourself. 

The style of coaching I offer is unique and intuitive for every single one of my clients. I'm here to reflect back to you on how loveable, how talented, how capable and how powerful you truly are to expand your nervous system enough to feel SAFE into truly live the life of your dreams.

Alignment for you is special and different than anyone else. Together we get to know your soul-self through looking at your past to understand your present and plan for your future. We do this with an understanding of your Human Design, Somatic Therapeutic Tools, Inner-Child Healing, looking at your Astrological Birth Chart, and understanding your Masculine and Feminine energy. I see you as a WHOLE human and that's why we need to holistically look at your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health because all these components lead to you knowing yourself and making your most empowered choices to truly love yourself and every part of your life.

If you feel stuck or lost, or perhaps ready to transition into your full sparkly self, consider this work together as a map to home your home to your mind, body, heart & soul. 

" I feel like I am becoming the version of me I knew was there but couldn't see. Rachele helped me feel more like myself than I ever have before!"

-Vanessa B, Canada


Hi, I'm Rachele.


I work with women who desire to find their own unique path to empowerment. This includes uncovering their personalized self-care practices, reconnecting with self-love and rebuilding self-trust in the most gentle and transformative ways.

I have been through many of life's major stressors- various such as forms of grief, divorce, unemployment, eviction and chronic pain, to name a few! Because of these experiences, I searched for various forms of healing by reading a ton of self-help books, working with spiritual healers and bodyworkers, continually taking courses on self-development and I saw my own counsellor and coach. This journey led me to realize how to truly love and take care of myself. I needed to become my own best friend, acknowledging that in order to give to others and to love another, I must authentically love and give back to myself, first! I have built (and continue to build) a raw and real relationship with myself through daily practices and techniques I have learned through my training as a Professional Coach, Counsellor and Human Design Specialist. I am passionate about helping you discover how to tap into your personal power and strengths while transforming to truly live your dream life!

I believe in uplifting you, shedding light on your gifts and inspiring you towards your goals. Let’s work together to figure out your unique strengths while designing your ideal relationship with yourself AND those around you.



Let's Work Together

Why Holistic?

I believe that each one of us has thoughts (our mental patterns), emotions (what our heart feels), physical sensations (body pain and responses) and our spiritual self (beliefs and purpose, the bigger meaning in life).


When one or more of these areas feel off, this is often when we seek out help. I offer a multi-dimensional support system in order for you to feel like a WHOLE human again.