I figured out what worked for me, and I am so excited to help you find what works for you!

I used to live my life putting everyone else before me. I thought that it was my role to be the caretaker, yet for some reason, I couldn't figure out why I was always exhausted and felt completely powerless to everyone else's needs. I played that role in my family dynamic, friendships, and partnerships and eventually I crashed and burned. HARD.


But YOU don't have to. 


Do you find yourself struggling to put your needs first? Are you confused about what your needs even are? Do you think setting boundaries is like preparing for battle? Have you been picking relationships that seem to demand more from you than you are able to give? Feeling invisible? I GET IT and I'm here for you. "It's hard to practice self-love when we don't have a sense of self."- Kylie Mcbeth


You deserve to feel empowered in every aspect of your life, and the key to this is through reigniting your relationship with yourself. Let's get you radiating your uniquely beautiful light for all to see! We start doing this through Counselling and/or Life Coaching sessions. Help me know you so that you can better know yourself. 


I am here to help you turn your anxiety into POWER.
Your voice, your needs and your feelings matter!


Step Into Your Future


Sometimes you just feel stuck. I get it. Stuck on a problem, stuck in life, stuck in a relationship or just paralyzed by the thought of moving forward with any decision. The thing is, if you alone were going to solve your problem or reach your goal you already would have. This is how a coach helps. I can offer you a different perspective that you have never even thought of! Then, we look and what you want and set up a game plan to help you get it!

Unlock The Door To Your Past


Have you ever wondered why you do what you do? Have you ever questioned why you have that same repeating nagging thought over and over again? The solution to the question is to look back. To understand who you are now, you must understand who you were then. As a counsellor, I can help you uncover your values, your beliefs and your dreams so that you know your purpose in life is one that you created for you!


Hi, I'm Rachele.


I work with women who desire to find their own unique path to empowerment. This includes uncovering their personalized self-care practices, reconnecting with self-love and rebuilding self-trust in the most gentle yet impactful way.

I have been through many of life's major stressors such as various forms of grief, divorce, unemployment, eviction and chronic pain, to name a few! Because of these experiences, I searched for various forms of healing, read a ton of self-help books and saw my own counsellor weekly. This journey led me to realize how to truly love and take care of myself. I needed to become my own best friend, acknowledging that in order to give to others and to love another, I must authentically love and give back to myself, first! I have built (and continue to build) a raw and real relationship with myself through daily practices and techniques I have learned through my training as a Professional Coach and Counsellor. I am passionate about helping you discover how to tap into your personal power and strengths while living with a radiant energized heart!


You can find me volunteering at the Vancouver Women's Health Collective on Tuesday's as a counsellor, running various workshops in Vancouver or shamelessly dancing in the front row of one of my favourite concerts!


I believe in uplifting you, shedding light on your gifts and inspiring you towards your goals. Let’s work together to figure out your unique strengths while designing your ideal relationship with yourself AND those around you.


I take one-on-one clients in Vancouver, BC and offer sessions online worldwide. I am also passionate about teaching and facilitating change in group settings. If you’d like to collaborate or are curious about some of the workshops I facilitate feel free to contact me.


I believe that each one of us has thoughts (our mental patterns), emotions (what our heart feels), physical sensations (body pain and responses) and our spiritual self (beliefs and purpose, the bigger meaning in life).

When one or more of these areas feel off, this is often when we seek out help. I specialize in integrating all these areas in my coaching and counselling practice so that you leave feeling like a WHOLE human being again!



Contact me today to book your counselling session or a coaching package. Feel free to ask any questions if you are curious! 


*In-person sessions available in Vancouver, BC and online sessions available worldwide.


Learning, Living & Love: The Blog


Humans are relational. We all crave some level of connection with others.

I have compiled a list of a few videos that range in length that will help ANYONE single, married, gay, straight, name it. These videos can help you know yourself on a deeper level and also empathize with those around you. ENJOY!

Understand the masculine & feminine from John Gray, the author of Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus. He h...


If you notice that you have a tendency to want to take care of everything, to control situations or to make sure all the “I’s” are dotted and the “t’s” are crossed, you may be experiencing hypervigilance.


Movement is the key ingredient in shifting through the overactive mind.

Lately, I’ve been practicing movement meditations. I put on a song or two that inspires me and I intuitively move the way my body asks me to. This is also a way of clearing my mind, and getting centered within my body...which is usually my intention behind meditation.

This process has allowed me to be more present, and less in my monkey mind. 🙊

Don’t g...


Children watch their parents. They look to them for how to speak, how to walk and most importantly- how to interact with others.

What does codependency have to do with this? Well, the definition of codependency is a chronic neglect of SELF. Meaning, you set aside your needs and feelings for the sake of those around you. (Typically your partner or your family) So, if you witnessed your Mom or your Dad continually set aside the...

A goal in life for many of us is to be in happy and healthy relationship but most of us can also agree that accomplishing that is easier said than done.

The media constantly feeds us the notion that romance and sex are the key components to a relationship—at least initially, we're led to believe, being attractive, being attracted to, being desired, and being pursued are a huge part of the dating game.

This makes...

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