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Hello Lovely,

I'm Rachele (Ra-Shell), A Trauma-Informed 

Relationship and Femininity Coach & Human Design Guide for Queens looking to make magic by learning how to connect to the untapped potential of their heart, mind, body and soul.

Welcome to your transformative journey of reawakening where spirituality meets success, and self-discovery leads to unstoppable personal power. As a Relationship and Femininity Coach, I specialize in guiding empathic, soulful women and couples on a profound path of self-trust, feminine and masculine energy exploration, and deep healing. Whether you desire to awaken your heart, heal your nervous system, or nurture your relationships, I'm here to empower you every step of the way. Through a unique blend of inner child healing, boundary setting, EFT, energy clearing, CBT, Somatic Therapy, and the wisdom of Human Design, I'll help you align with your life's purpose and find harmony within yourself and your relationships. Let's embark on your healing journey toward a life filled with self-trust, authenticity, inner radiance, empowerment, and limitless love. Book your FREE DISCOVERY CALL below if you’re ready to transform your life and relationships from the inside out, and let's feel it to heal it!

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I used to live my life putting everyone else before me. I believed it was my role to be the caretaker, the strong one, the nice one, and the one who supports everyone. Yet, for some reason, I couldn't figure out why I was always exhausted and felt utterly powerless towards everyone else's needs. It didn't even cross my mind how much I had my walls up or how conditioned I was to be a people-pleaser. I played the "role" I thought everyone wanted me to be instead of owning and expressing my true self. I was ashamed and, quite frankly, deeply unaware of my feminine side and my sensitive spiritual self! I was scared to acknowledge the fact that I am the cycle-breaker of my family, who doesn't fit the mold I was raised in. Playing small and staying quiet gave me immense empathy for believing in others' capacity to step into their true, authentic selves.


I would love to guide you to find yourself, your voice, your purpose, your self-love, and that inner power to make you the Queen I know you can be!

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"When you learn how to love yourself, take care of yourself and nurture your nervous system- suddenly relationships feel aligned, intimate and easy."

A holistic approach to understanding your past, learning your soul blueprint and stepping into your aligned future.


The journey you're about to embark on is a beautiful RECONNECTION and REAWAKENING of self.

Working with me is a uniquely curated experience. I'm here to reflect to you how loveable, talented, capable and powerful you are.  This will support you in expanding your nervous system enough to feel SAFE to live the life of your dreams genuinely, speak forward your boundaries, express your needs, step into your soul purpose and courageously heal your relationships.

Empowerment for you is unique and feels different than anyone else's. Together we get to know your soul-self by looking at your past to understand your present and plan for your future. We do this through alchemizing many healing tools such as  Human Design, Somatic Therapeutic Tools, EFT, Inner-Child Healing, understanding your Masculine and Feminine energy and much more...

Human Design is a blueprint of who you are meant to be and helps you understand your authenticity/purpose. With coaching, you will learn why you do what you do so that you can step into new behaviours and habits that serve you while supporting you to make lasting changes.


Everything always comes back to relationships- to love and be loved is our most significant longing in life. When you understand your early childhood patterns with coaching while uncovering how others have conditioned you through your Human Design, you can genuinely bring in or co-create the relationship of your dreams!

Consider this work together as a map home to your authentic self—time to step into prioritizing yourself like the queen you are! You're worth it.

" I feel like I am becoming the version of me I knew was there but couldn't see. Rachele helped me feel more like myself than I ever have before!"

-Vanessa Client, Canada

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Let's Work Together

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Group Program- Coming Soon!

"From the beginning, Rachele's approach to Coaching was gentle, holistic, and thorough. Not only did she help me develop new coping skills but she guided me through working out my trauma, healing my inner child, and reconnecting with my body- and my husband!


I am so thankful for her compassion and patience as a Coach and for her deep-seated wisdom and intuition in every session. Our work together has had such a powerful impact on my life, and I am thankful to feel like I can finally breathe again." 

Iris, Client USA

Women's coach, relatinships, relationship coaching, holistic coaching, life coaching, couples therapy

More About Trauma-Informed Femininity

I have seen many coaches and facilitators teach femininity work and have felt the immense power of tapping into this part of myself. But I was triggered and re-traumatized along the way.


I felt rushed, pushed and forced to embrace aspects of my feminine sensuality, rage and sexuality faster than I was ready to, thus creating a freeze response in my body, and from that moment on, I knew I needed to approach feminine teaching through the lens of trauma.

Your femininity holds the keys to your pleasure and your power. Still, you will never feel safe to embody this aspect that is buried within you until you know how to regulate your nervous system, reconnect to your inner child and heal your past traumas with the feminine AND masculine. 


Gentle integration and alchemy are key. Your jaw, throat, heart, and pelvis are intrinsically connected, and once you open to your voice, your needs and your pleasure, you will alchemize your past pain into your power! Book your FREE discovery call to learn how, and let's make some magic together.

Why do I believe in a holistic approach?

I believe that each one of us has thoughts (our mental patterns), emotions (what our heart feels), physical sensations (body pain and responses) and our spiritual self (beliefs and purpose, the bigger meaning in life).


When one or more of these areas feel off, this is often when we seek out help. I offer a multi-dimensional support system in order for you to feel like a WHOLE human again. 

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