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Human Design, for me, has helped me find my inner-most zone of genius & alignment. It helps me know how to make decisions, it helps me understand how I show up in this world to others, and for myself and it shows me my purpose in life. It's ultimately helped me give myself full permission to be ME; like those instinctual things I did as a child that I was conditioned to believe are wrong or bad are actually WHO I AM.

Human Design is a channelled modality from Ra Uru Hu in the 80s that focuses on the science of differentiation. In its most profound form, it includes inspiration from Kabbalah, Astrology, Energetics, and Chakras. NO TWO CHARTS are the same unless, of course, you have a twin...and in these cases, it is still fascinating how conditioning plays a part in how each person shows up differently.

Human Design also talks greatly about how we interact and influence each other, which, to me is one of the most fascinating components. For example, when a Generator is feeling lit up, excited or joyful about something, likely ANYONE who is around them will be magnetized to those feelings and want to be a part of it too or feel that same buzz of excitement!

There are a few key components that you want to understand in your chart when beginning to understand Human Design:

  • Your Type (example: Generator, Projector, Manifesting Generator, Manifestor or reflector)

  • Your Authority (example: Sacral, Splenic, Emotional, Ego, Mental, Self-Projected or Lunar Authority)

  • Your Strategy (example: To Respond, To be Invited, To Initiate, To Wait)

  • Your Profile Lines (example: 1/3, 1/4, 2/4 etc...)

Once you understand how these parts of you operate and how living your life by these components FEELS in your body, part two would be looking at your definition, your defined and undefined centers, alongside understanding some of your main channels.

And once THIS portion is understood we would look at your gates, what astrological sign they're attached to and their meaning alongside the lines that influence them.

And once THIS portion is understood then we could look at your ideal environment, how you digest life & food, your variables and compare your chart to others in your life...

As you can see, this is an incredibly deep and complex modality!

If you want to learn more about your chart the two sites I trust MOST and that use the original language of HD are: › Get_Your_Chart

*Note you need to know your exact birth time and place. If you do not know but have a general idea if it's morning or evening, work with someone who knows HD who can ask you questions to see which chart feels more like yourself. When you aren't FOR SURE there are some really deep components that you may not get to, but you can for sure understand the main aspects, don't worry!

There are a lot of people out there on social media talking like experts or using different types of training so I would suggest you TRUST yourself with this and look at multiple different people or platforms to understand the layers of your chart. For example, I have textbooks by Ra Uru Hu himself, some by Karen Curry Parker and some by Chetan Parkyn. These 3 tend to be the most popular, however, Karen Curry Parker has modified the lingo and she teaches a different style. I look at all the books (yes even Gene Keys too) and notice patterns. It has taken me over 4 years of on-and-off study to start to talk about this publicly, and I swear, to this day, I STILL learn new things about my chart!

If you want suggestions on Human Design Experts to follow on Instagram (other than me!) comment below and I'll share with you.

And most importantly, if you want a Foundational Human Design reading and you are not a current client of mine, you can book here:

Your inner child is a part of yourself that is deeply connected to your heart, your soul and your nervous system. Some even say your higher self is your inner child.

Reconnecting with your inner child is an integral part of the healing journey because most of what we are triggered by today is something that imprinted and created an impact in childhood. (Trigger: a thought that creates a feeling, or the feeling that triggered thoughts either way something that switches on fight or flight mode and activates your nervous system.)

Did you know that for the first 8 or so years of your life you're filtering every single experience through the lens of emotions?

Your logic center in your brain only starts to develop after 8 years old and doesn't finish until 25years. This is why it's so important to realize that all children are empathic beings, highly sensitive to their surroundings because everything is filtered through feelings...

For example, a 5-year-old child is angry that their Dad has to go to work on Saturday after they had plans to go to the park together. Instead of telling dad, she is angry, she acts out and hits her little brother. Then, Dad punishes her for hitting her brother and sends her to her room. When she is in her room she doesn't have anyone to help her understand her emotions (no logic) so she implants the belief "When I get scared and feel angry, I will be abandoned. That means my anger is bad which means I am bad." This in turn triggered pleasing tendencies in hopes of never getting abandoned again. (This can be shifted IF a parent comes into the room and calmly asks questions and invites the child to express their feelings and help them understand that their emotions are bad but the behaviour they exhibited was...this closes the loop and eliminates any trauma.)

Now, let's be honest, sometimes when you start to do inner child work it can feel like e"get mad at how terrible my parents were and blame them for my problems..." kinda work. Let me clarify- it is NOT that. Your parents likely did the best of their capacity AND I am not excusing abusive behaviour but intentionally empowering and re-parenting that inner child within. Humans raising humans, no one is perfect and each child perceives experiences in their own unique way!

With this baseline knowledge, here are. a few of my favourite inner child meditations....stay tuned for updates as I plan to record some inner child meditations for you and share them here or on social media.

This first one is hypnosis, not a meditation. If you fall asleep this is ok. It's longer and gets into your subconscious. The rest are guided mediations that require some visualization.

It is important that after you do a meditation you support your inner child. Ask your body and heart what they would like to do- and DO IT. Post mediation is a great time to do an activity that connects you to this part of yourself.

If you notice lots of emotions come up and want some one-on-one support the help you reconnect to yourself, feel free to message me on how we can work together. You are so worth it.

I’m growing he isn’t.

I’m scared we will grow apart.

Are we?

Why do I have to do all the emotional work?

It’s not fair.

He doesn’t get it.

I’m so tired of having to ask for my needs.

He should just know by now.

He should do the work like me.

Then I’ll feel safe, to trust myself.

The feminine has a huge desire to deeply tap into her emotions her spirituality and the depths of her soul. It's a deep calling of hers. This is often why the feminine loves workshops, personal growth books, self-care practices, coaching, therapy etc...

AND then it happens.

The fear hits.

“What if all the growth I am doing will push me further away from my partner? I thought this would bring us closer when in fact I’m terrified it's showing me how different we really are. I don’t know if he can handle me…”

What this person is really saying… “I don’t know if I feel safe to fully surrender into the vastness that is my own feminine essence so I will continue to tell the story to myself he is unsafe and that’s why I can’t”

When in fact the surefire way for your masculine partner to tap more into his masculine is to surrender to your full feminine expression. Get messy, be emotional, satiate your desires, express your pleasure, share your delight, be playful, allow him to lead the way.

When you lead with your heart it invites him to lead with his mission.

Masculine work doesn’t look the same as feminine. So stop trying to make him do the work like you.

You think you want your man all up in his feelings when in actuality you want him to be all up in his mission and purpose. Let him grow in partnership WITH you as you grow. And trust his process, and trust yours!